Murder in Primary Colors

Ideally the most violent thing that appens on the campus of Midstate University is a football game, but that all suddenly changes. Dr. Christmas Connery and her basset hound find Elizabeth Page, the executiv of the Midstate Museum of Art, dead on the gallery floor in the middle of a kinetic sculpture exhibit shortly after a successful opening. It ets even more confusin when it ’ s discovered she was illed with a very unusual weapon, one that crushed the side of her skull with a half-inch steel ball bearing. The list of people who ha not fond of Page is a ong one. She ould charm the big bucks out of even the stingiest donors, but she rarely wasted her energy on even being polite to her colleagues. Chris ’ s murder-buff mother, Pansy, while visiting Chris, works her wiles on the police detective in charge, whose unwelcome presence on campus shakes the ivy-covered walls to their foundations. When the most obvious suspect is urdered, even Chris herself is suddenly in danger.
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Isbn 13
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Published June 14th 2011 by Peony Press

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Characters that behave like real adults ( and do not fall in love with nother character within minutes of meeting) ... his book had interest, great characters, a believable story line, was well written- I enjoyed every minute of thi ook, and woul ertainly seek out others by th uthor.

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The occasional clue was found in passing, or because the police shared it with Chris and her aunt.

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