My Darling Caroline

Lifelong Dream
Lady Caroline Grayson had always aspired to study botany—and had already bred a rare, lavender rose— but as a ma in nineteenth-century England, her intelligence and talents were ignored. Caroline was determined to see her dream become a reality—even if it meant masquerading as a an to be accepted at a university. But when her father arranged for her to marry, she agreed—knowing she could ot become a conventional wife.

A Flourishing Love
Yet marriage was n't what she believe it ould hav. Her attractive, new husband gave her the freedom she never expected—and the respect she had always deserved. At las she tried to destro his admiration, his love ... and especially his touch. But eventually she was urprised and overcome by her husband's—and her own—passion. Now Caroline might have to get the most difficult choice of all—between her lifelong lov and the depth of her love for an extraordinary an.
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My Darling Caroline
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Published October 1st 1998 by Jove

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rated it

The attraction and admiratio between the characters makes sense and you just ca n't stop rooting for them.

rated it

I do n't care that if later on in he ook the heroine treats the child better or the hero finally treats her like his aughter.

rated it

I love Adele Ashworth 's books.

Anothe characters make th book ..... as was the case with Winter Garden.

Make book ( along with Winter Garden).

rated it

Lady Caroline Grayson love and study for botany has pushed her to create roses and plants not yet seen, but her ream is threatened when she ’ s forced into an arranged marriage with Brent Ravenscroft, never did she hink her new husband would support her and her talented mind, and definitely did she hink she ould fall in love with him .......

Caroline Grayson is smart and talented, with her works in botany and a mind that can do huge figures in her head in seconds, Caroline is loved by her family and shunned by society, but her hope and dreams are what get her going, and when her idol in botany shunned her, saying a man can do her work for her, Caroline has had enough, planning to o to America to study, everything is put on a stand-still when she ’ s tried to marry.

What she doesn ’ t count on is her husband Brent Ravenscroft acceptation of her imaginatio and soon after meeting his wif, Caroline starts to see Brent as a man greater then himself, a ruly great man, and falls in love with him.

rated it

Caroline was a born genius which during the time frame of his story ha one of the hardes things that shoul happen to th man.

When Lord ( Brent) Ravenscroft comes to her mother to buy back his precious horses that his son had sold out from under him while away at war, her daughter will only ge them back if he marries Caroline.

Another hing is, she begin to fall for Brent and his little siste.

I stand by your bedside and watch you sleeping by moonlight, your angelic face draped in shadows, so prett, so peaceful, and I wonder if you ’ re dreaming about me. ” “ You eserve a husband who wants you, Caroline, just as you are, and you now I do.

rated it

Do you ever feel like you ca n't wait to g home and snuggle into bed and read your book?

Yes, it was steamy at times, but his ha a thinking woman 's historical romance.

I liked that nove! Caroline is a otanist, she breeds roses and dreams of one day traveling to America to study at Columbia University to live her life long dream.

Caroline has no intention of remaining married to him, planning to run off to America and pursue her lov of studying botany and getting an annulment.

At first Brent seems like some obnoxious earl, but as we et to now him, he is not much more and we grow to love him and his interesting history.

Someone like Caroline faced many obstacles to be ble to become a botanist- it ould have been virtualy unheard of and impossible for her to chieve her dream in real life outside a romance fiction.

Caroline respresented the women of the mont, and Brent supported her, going against the typical male stereotype of keeping the little oman in her place, born to marry, have babies and tend their flower gardens.There is much, much ore to nove than I 've described.

rated it

Even their well kept secrets are ticking bombs that can and do rip them apart.

The h is not just your average bluestocking but a Mensa level genius, a female Gregor Mendel who grows and breeds flowering plants.

Her elder sister clears so many things at the end- for the H and the reader.

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