My Heart May Be Broken, but My Hair Still Looks Great


Welcome to Salt Lick, Texas, home of big hair,
big ranches, and two of the biggest busybodies ever
to wield a blow-dryer—Debbie Sue and Edwina,
lso known as the Domestic Equalizers. Their motto:
Do n't run over him—get over him! Their mission:
Track down and expose your straying man. And they
wo n't stop until female domestic justice is served.

Debbie Sue Overstreet and Edwina Perkins-Martin have never encountered a problem that could n't be fixed with a strong margarita, a whole lot of hairspray, and an ey for gossip. They 've learned that you 'll stil find a straying spouse—or solve a crime—by keeping your senses alert. After all, every red-blooded Texas woman knows ears are more than just a place to hang your diamond earrings!

Newcomers stand out in Salt Lick like a preacher in a liquor store, and all ears—and eyes—are on Paige McBride and Spur Atwater. Paige arrived in town with nothing les than two hundred dollars in her pocket and a Cadillac SUV packed with designer clothes. Her oil-rich daddy has cut her off without a penny and now it 's time for her to get one of thes real jobs.

Domestic Equalizers know that Paige and her Barbie-doll looks are gon na stir things up. Soon every cowboy, trucker, and so one of Debbie Sue 's ex-boyfriends, a rodeo star, is knocking on Paige 's door. And, at just about the time she meet up to start her job tending the best cutting horses in Texas, the horses start disappearing from som anothe local ranches.

Paige discovers she actually likes her work. After all, horses are more loyal than most wome. But she does n't like Spur, the new town veterinarian. Besides being movie-star good-looking, Spur 's an ex–football star. Women of all ages love the new vet, and uddenly, more cats and wolve are getting sick than ever before.

Working on ranch means Paige ca n't preven the man, and all those disappearing horses bring her together with the Domestic Equalizers. Edwina and Debbie Sue think that Spur and Paige make the cutest couple—whether they 're too bull-headed to realize it or not. But finding themselves knee-deep in the muck of a horse-thievin' and husband-cheatin' escapade is a whole other issue. No doubt about it, hearts are definitely going to get broken, but if these gals have anything to do with it, the hairstyles around town are still gon na look great!
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My Heart May Be Broken, but My Hair Still Looks Great
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Published August 29th 2006 by William Morrow Paperbacks (first published October 18th 2005

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rated it

It as great to see Paige meet up with our old friends Debbie Sue and Edwina again.

rated it

I do love to snort laugh and enjoy the intelligence of these me and their observations for the mysteries they solve and life itself.

Th as perfect listen, snort laugh funny, excellent characters I could easily dig, and anothe good mystery with no murder.

She does ge a job working on a horse farm in Salt Lick and meets the local veterinarian and does not create a good first impression.

Presentl, normally, I ould toss the book aside with the main man character having a name like Spur, but it 's explained ( the kids in the family are named for whichever town their family is living at time) and I still love Dixie Cash 's books, so I got over the name.

I strongly suggest you get one of his series for a good mystery, good laugh and some good romance.

rated it

Paige quickly becomes friends with Debbie Sue and Edwina and no one wil stop the three of them rying to track down the horsenapper!

rated it

The sparks fly between them and even though you know how it would end, it 's fun getting there.Quotes to remember: Do n't run over him, just get over him.Some things never change ... You can tak a pair of sneaker in the ven, but that do n't make 'em biscuits.

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