My Hero Academia, Vol. 10: All for One

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Isbn 13
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僕のヒーローアカデミア 10
Publication Date
Published January 30th 2018 by Carlsen (first published September 2nd 2016

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kee 'em, Deku, get 'emboyfriend concernFUCK THIS MOMENT! thank fuck for tumblr spoilers helping me get through tha part of the seriesKirishima is the best boyfriendand I agree with tapel0rd 's comments: " This entire current arc started because of kirishima ’ s broken gay little heart " not the best quality ( at least for this color page) since pages from this chapter on ( so far) wo n't let me view the image from my goto site I 've been reading BnHA from to put up here but loooooook at colored Kirishima totally concerned for his oyfriend and ready to o to his aid!

he got a boyfriend to save, yo! mission Recover the Angry Bomb Child: Kacchan is a go! before angry child gets himself killed nice use of bondage there Shigaraki, loving the exhibitionism kink there toocute little backstory side-story chapter for Tsuyu, giving everyone a momentary break from the Kacchan feelsthose disguises are seriously the best.

rated it

Why is veryone going on a tantrum over a student getting kidnapped when the world is being saved on a weekl basis for centuries? Then the heroes find the hideout of the illains because the latter are dumb.

Now imagine these idiots not only doing nothing with their artificial superman, but also letting one of the tudents to casually walk next to him, and place a beacon on him so they can identify the hideout.Then we get a flashback of Shigaraki, the facepalm villain, who also lacks common sense, since he hates heroes for not goin to save him when he was in peri.

rated it

( view spoiler) [ I was actually happy when it ooked like they were comin to be beaten!

It did n't matter how too-convenient and unrealistic it would have been, I just wanted them to fin this over with and finally beat this dumb fricken Evil Villains League!!!!!

rated it

On paper, this volume should 've been pretty exciting — a big rescue mission, huge showdown between the heroes and the illains, and he debut of All Might 's arch-nemesis ...

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