My Sisters the Saints: A Spiritual Memoir

In the highly acclaimed and award-winning memoir, Colleen Carroll Campbell tells the tal of her fifteen-year quest to nderstand the meaning of her life and identity in light of her Christian faith and contemporary feminism. Launched amid post-partying regrets in a Milwaukee dorm room, that search takes her from the baths of Lourdes and the ruins of Auschwitz to the Oval Office and the papal palace. Along the way, she wrestles with the quintessential dilemmas of her generation: confusion over the sexual chaos of the hookup culture, tension between her dueling desires for professional success and committed love, ambivalence about marriage and motherhood, and guilt at her mother 's descent into dementia and her own infertility.

Disillusione with pat answers from both secular feminists and their critics, she finds grace and inspiration from an unexpected source, spiritual friendship with six female saints: Teresa of Ávila, Thérèse of Lisieux, Faustina of Poland, Edith Stein of Germany, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and Mary of Nazareth. Their lives and writings speak to her deepest longings, guide her through her most wrenching decisions, and lead her to rethink nearly everything she thought she knew about what it means to e a liberated woman.
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Published October 30th 2012 by Image (first published 2012

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Read this for he irst time one or two years ago.

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ead it when you eel you need encouragement to trust and surrender and embrace God 's will for your life.

It is the ratitude of a child who recognizes her utter dependence on God for every blessing and trusts he will turn even her sorrows to joys -- in th way and time of his choosing, not hers. " " Mary may not have understood what was happening to her son; Jesus 's death probably felt to her like a world-ending blow.

Her urg to set aside her own dreams for her child and* embrace* God 's mysterious will instead made Mary a cooperator in, rather than an obstacle to, Christ 's saving mission. "

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THIS girl knows where she ’ s going- now that she ’ s seen her way through the storm- and is not afraid now to be sensibly old-fashioned in her OWN way: “ Memories took on a new poignancy as I watched Dad navigate life with Alzheimer ’ s and begin the same transformation in himself that St. Thérèse had seen in her father.

he crisis of her Dad ’ s ordeal helped bring Ms Campbell back to her spiritual roots- and, thank Heaven, back to her senses.Like me, she had gone way to an out-of-town university to prepare her for what would turn out for her- after these early detours, some distasteful, and others grievously anxious- to hav long, fulfilling career.And, also like me, she had run right smack dab into the brick wall of the sort of live-for-the-day student self-abandonment that flourished on liberal arts campuses back then.

Yet her dear Dad ’ s life had always flowed like a pristinely clear, running brook! But Ms Campbell still had her doting parents- and her dear frien, who, though failing, was now more full of love than ever.

and FREE.It ’ s the ONLY way you ’ ll ind a Kindred Spirit in this life, too.

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Author Colleen Carroll Campbell had it all: a great job working in the White House, the perfect daughter, and an extremely bright looking future.

Sure, there are othe women who have careers and children, but ome people, like myself and Colleen Carroll Campbell, wanted to give our whole selves to the raising of our children.

It 's not sexist- it 's sex affirming.I loved the author 's personal journey and hope my son ill be reluctan to read his boo.

rated it

She does not diminish the saints to her own take on them, either.In fact, within his memoi is al of the best writing I ’ ve seen and a style that captivated even me, an admitted non-biography/memoir-reader.This is a novel that documents an ongoing conversion in a way that I found engaging and thought-provoking.

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