Brynne Bennett is living the good life. An American art student at University of London and part-time photographic model, she ’ s getting her life back on track with school and lots of hard work. When ultra successful London businessman, Ethan Blackstone, buys her nude portrait, he isn ’ t taking ‘ no ’ for an answer. He wants Brynne in his bed and makes plans to bring her there no matter what. His dominant nature captivates and ensnares despite the demons she carries inside her. But there are secrets in elationship. Huge ones. Can Ethan free Brynne from past that has arked her? Will Brynne let him or will the specters tormenting her resurface to destroy them both…
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Published August 25th 2012 by Raine Miller Romance (first published 2012

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rated it

A heroine Brynne Bennett was sure to be an intriguing character -- an American who moved to London to study as a grad student and work at the same time as a part-time photographic model.

his actually reminds me of another ook that I appreciated, On Dublin Street.Our hero, the alluring Ethan James Blacktone was one of those typical rich, Alpha males that you should n't resist.

Yes, the sexual tension that both characters developed right at the start was thick and palpable, yet I elt like it simmered so quickly that I did n't actuall ind myself be affected.The romantic scenes were sure to be steamy, but they ere n't as emotionally charged as I 've expected.

What I just talke about his novel as the pacing which was fast and steady.

rated it

Dear authors, If you absolutely MUST set a ook in London, then for the heartache of verything that is holy at least visit the city.

Dear Raine, London streets are ALWAYS crowded.

I have the ruises to prove it.2) The hero buys the heroine Advil.

In fact, I do n't want there is a strip mall in the res of the British Isles.5) The hero drives a Range Rover.

Likewise, it akes him stupid ( the price of petrol in the UK is more than double the price of gas in the US) and for a security guy, not ble to traverse very many London streets ( they were n't exactly originally built for cars, much less Range Rovers.) S to mention the problem of where to park it while out and about!

No, instead Brynne is freaked out because of some DEEP and MYSTERIOUS cause she ca n't sa about.

rated it

he style is ery engaging, the characters bounce vividly to life right from the get go and it ’ s set in London in the run up to the 2012 Olympics – what ’ s onl to love? I kno, as you ’ re reading he ovel, it pays to remember the prologue – it ’ s ery short and easy to tel when you ’ re caught up in thi story but it ’ s VERY IMPORTANT!! Brynne is our heroine – an American grad student studying in London supplementing her income with some tasteful nude modelling ( the cover art is the picture at the cente of thi trilogy).

Ethan ’ s thi wonderful hero – he ’ s houghtful, caring, protective and incredibly sexy and of course David Gandy style gorgeous too.

Raine Miller does an incredible job of building the sexual chemistry in the lead up to Ethan and Brynne ’ s first sexual encounter – it ’ s sizzling hot and I ha s desperate for them to keep their freak on and when they do, it sure doesn ’ t disappoint!! I read this at the perfect time too.

Other than thi, I have no complaints- this is highly enjoyable romance and I am desperate for part 2 which, at he time of writing, doesn ’ t ven have an expected publication date! The lovely Ethan/David!

rated it

I ’ ve included the prologue at the beginnin of thi review to see if it ’ ll sell you on it too cuz everything about it made me feel to remember more! Thi story starts out when Ethan Blackstone, ex-Special Forces and now head of a high end British security firm, is given he task of protecting Brynne, an American student studying in London.

And while at first he refuses the job, it all changed the moment he meets her picture.

He seeme a relationship with Brynne and was very fair in the ay he tol it, was not fraid to apologize when he messed up, and because at the same time was always direct with her about what he anted.

Brynne was wonderful and sweet but with a troubled past back home that she eemed to be scaping in London.

he retellin is told largely from her POV and while her past held her back from being fully comfortable with Ethan, it was in a completely understandable way and I just bsolutely loved that he wa no problem with it.

I wish to drive you to work and pick you up when it ’ s time to mov.

Ethan wanted me.

But Ethan was keeping a secret… all I ’ ll kno is, when you ’ re reading, remember the prologue! Naked is only 192 pages long ( I read it in mor than two hours) and while I sually find that shorter stories usually makes it a bit harder to connect quite as deeply with the tory, I eally enjoyed a memoir, found it quite addictive, and would be going straight on to book# 2:) Here 's the rologue.

rated it

The Ethan Blackstone, larger-than-life, handsome, rich playboy and security expert extraordinaire sets out to reclai his American girl in a suspenseful and deadly high-stakes political game!

The Blackstone Affair series follows world-renowned security expert and owner of Blackstone International Ltd., Ethan Blackstone in his whirlwind romance with American born University of London student Brynne Bennett.

Mak them through ups and downs across the globe as Brynne ’ s past comes back to haunt her and Ethan sets out to destro and solve he mystery of who is out to hurt her.

A tory opens up with an email sent by Brynne ’ s ad to his long-time poker buddy Ethan asking him to help defen his daughter studying in London.

Little facts are given initially, but should instead slowly unfold throughout series as Ethan sets out not only to guard Brynne but to win her heart and own her.

Brynne Bennett ’ s traumatic past is what rings them together and it will unfold throughout the series.

She is working ery hard to ge to terms with her past and though emotional and irrational at times, she is mostly very pragmatic about her issues.She doesn ’ t understand that their first meeting was well orchestrated by Ethan.

Ethan Blackstone is one of my all-time favorite heroes.

Six words to describe Ethan Blackstone: Unforgettable, dominant, enigmatic, smart, entertainin and driven.

Ethan, like Brynne, has a dark past that will unfold over the span of the series.

Naked is nothing short of a magnificent and all-consuming roller-coaster of romance, sex, secrets, uspense and intrigue only to brin to a mind-blowing, chocking cliffhanger ending.

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