A lethal climate. A manmade plague. Hostile aliens. How will mankind survive?

Despite the odds, Daniel Walker launches a mission to ind new world, but never expects his biggest challenge to come from an unscrupulous nanotechnologist.

At ten years old, Daniel witnessed a horrific attack. With no forewarning or explanation, the alien Garuda destroyed Earth ’ s utposts and slaughtered everyone on them including Daniel ’ s grandparent. Trapped for ays in a small storage tube on a distant asteroid, Daniel slowly lost his anity, and after month of therapy still struggles with flashbacks. As the las human to have seen a Garuda and lived, he ’ s reluctantly famous but he uses it to fulfill a single-minded ambition. He ’ s sworn to complete his parents ’ dream to ind a habitable new world.

Cadmon Dhyre was also orphaned at an early age, but his experience was worlds apart. Cadmon grew up in a carrier camp along with hundred of others. Carriers are shunned and despised for being afflicted with the disfiguring ‘ toad ’ virus. Embittered, driven, Cadmon employs his innate genius to become a medical doctor and renowned nanotechnologist. Determined to revea cure, but blocked at every turn, he grows increasingly ruthless.

Walker is prepared to face the aliens again, but never anticipates how an unscrupulous nano-technologist will threaten everything and everyone he holds dear.

When ambitions collide, the future hangs in the balance.

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Published April 15th 2018 by Wolfheart Press

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rated it

A “ Good Guy ” too, but what if the goo guy is the one who first developed the intelligent nanobots? Anderson includes interstellar travel, presenting a plausible scientific basis for travel through hyperspace, habitable alien worlds, militant aliens with their own mode of interstellar travel, greedy, self-seeking corporations, even a global government and a world-encompassing church.

Although he story should have been fine without these since they contribute background only, and must have been elsewise without negatively affecting the tale, Anderson apparently has bought into the full sweep of anthropogenic global warming and one-world government.

I bring thi story 5-stars, the global-warming/world-government silliness 3-stars.

rated it

NanoMorphosis is an engrossing and engaging sci-fi tale.

Daniel must deal with opposition from foes like the United Church of Earth who believe that leaving Earth for a new home elsewhere in the galaxy is an affront to God. He also must worry about the agenda of Cadmon, a carrier of a disfiguring 'toad' virus who is searching for a cure to his condition, that hreatens to destroy Daniel and his mission.

rated it

Anothe world created is convincing and plausible, which helps ground the story.

rated it

Readers who seek a bit of extraordinary science fiction or fantasy reading, buy his ook and njoy the characters fighting off the aliens.

rated it

ANd what coul the political fallout be in this situation.NanoMorphosis tries to tackle a lot of this as if nothing had be written in the genre before.

Though a horny Doctor Doom, who create his evil early on ( lest we feel any ympathy for him before he ries to take over a world) by raping someone.

Never mind, back to our here who appears to be al the head of the space agency and its leading astronaut, who is also very horny and- well.NanoMorphosis reads like something from the seventies, with few political updates but next to no social ones.

I mus not defend it, the xperience of reading it was most similar to reading The Da Vinci Code, incredulously strapping myself in to another ridiculous and yet hackneyed plot cliche until the end.

rated it

Best of all, there are plenty of twists along the way, keeping the plot delightfully unpredictable!

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