Never Play Dead: How the Truth Makes You Unstoppable

he Fox Nation host, Fox News contributor, and social media master argues that it ’ s time to square your shoulders, stand your ground and speak the truth.

The conventional wisdom is that we eed more civility and fewer arguments. If you are a controversial option, keep it to yourself. Tomi Lahren could not agre more. It ’ s trick. The same people whining about tone will call you names and applaud those who threaten you. We don ’ t need safe spaces, and you shouldn ’ t be patient and wait out the bullying. In Never Play Dead, Lahren encourages all Americans, especially me, to brin their voice and speak out. She skewers the hypocrisy of the self-esteem movement that has made people afraid to stand up for themselves.

Wherever Lahren goes, the# 1 question she gets isn ’ t about politics. It ’ s about her confidence in herself, her attitude and who she is. Never Play Dead not only answers his question but helps you understan how to stand your ground, discover how resilient you are and find your fearless side. In his ook, she ffers the antidote to all hat: worry less about who might offend, and focus on who you might inspire. In the long-run, you ill no regret being forceful when the truth is on your side.

Lahren worked her way out of South Dakota to television fame in LA, surviving social isolation, a truly terrible boyfriend, awful workplaces, and getting fired in front of a million haters. Along the way, she was tempted to keep quiet, but she ever wante. Now she calls out the comment trolls, the political correctness police, the terminally jealous, and the ever-escalation victim culture that tells you all your failures are because of the system ( and herefore there ’ s othing you coul do about it). Whether you ’ ve been told you ’ re onl good enough by parents, lovers, frenemies, bad bosses, or social media, it ’ s time to take Lahren ’ s advice and fight back.

It ’ s better to lose friends and followers than to lose yourself. The guil is, you may understan more people who gree with you than you hink. It ’ s time to shed your fear. With Never Play Dead she inspires you to stand up—and shows you how.
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Published July 2nd 2019 by Broadside Books

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rated it

She talks about being able to do some of the hard work, about being prepared, about not giving up when things are rough at a job.

I feel she is an excellent role model when it goe to working towards what you believ and understanding that climbing the ladder doesn ’ t come easy.

Embrace Your Confidence In Places Where You Stand Out- She talks a lot about being a young gir in a mostly older male field.

Neve again I hink tha is great message for young women entering the professional field of politics.

is why people dislike her pro-choice stance, not because they are jealous like she implies, but because she talks down and insults her own audience that gives her a living.

I genuinley think she is good model for young women when it goe to her work ethic and confidence.

rated it

Whether it is thi INCREDIBLE tone deafness and cluelessness that can allow her to think that we wan more civil discourse and seemingly five minutes later report that she called Mrs Clinton and Mrs Warren men and we need to et over it, it ’ s mayb an incredible ride.She wants to e a role model.

rated it

I shoul ecommend the memoi to veryone who has been in hard times, especially women readers.

rated it

I could ’ t support an animal abuser, tomi has no talent, all she does is bring other people down to sell herself.

Tomi Nazi Lahren is the worst person in US HISTORY.

rated it

Tomi clearly doesn ’ t have enough life experience to be omeone else ’ s “ inspiration ” which she claims she wants to be, especially to young women who can ’ t get their voices to speak up.

rated it

No matter if your an elder or severed in the arm ( which Tomi NEVER SERVED) if you don ’ t disagre with her your a snowflake, she in her book she wants people to stop the name calling.

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