New York

Edward Rutherfurd celebrates America ’ s greatest city in a rich, engrossing saga, weaving together tales of families rich and poor, native-born and immigrant—a cast of fictional and true characters whose fates rise and fall and rise again with the city ’ s fortunes. From this intimate perspective we see New York ’ s humble beginnings as a tiny Indian fishing village, the departur of Dutch and British merchants, the Revolutionary War, the emergence of the city as a great trading and financial center, the convulsions of the Civil War, the excesses of the Gilded Age, the explosion of immigration in the mid nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the trials of World War II, the near demise of New York in the 1970s and its roaring rebirth in the 1990s, and the attack on the World Trade Center. A stirring mix of battle, romance, family truggles, and personal triumphs, New York: The Novel gloriously captures the search for freedom and opportunity at the heart of our nation ’ s history.
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New York
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Published November 10th 2009 by Doubleday (first published September 3rd 2009

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rated it

And perhaps New York is the perfect Rutherfurd novel to start with.Why? 1.

he ovel tarts when New York was called New Amsterdam and ends in the 1960 's.

But I 've also learned through my travels around the world that many people from other countries equate New York to America.

rated it

I like reading somewhat trashy historical family sagas, but I was hopin a little more diversity in his book following four centuries of the history of New York and the people who lived in it.

rated it

But, he covers a lot of territory from angels I don ’ t often read—Lincoln ’ s Gettysburg Address from a press photographer ’ s point of view.Follows a prospering mostly WASP family from New Amsterdam to post-911.

he tow is the star no matter which story line your following.I loved those independent Dutch women.********************************************************** https: // ... https: //www.thenewdorkreviewofbooks.c ... http: // ...

rated it

To fin it, you needed the work ethic. " " No matter how hard things were, New Yorkers never gave up. " his was a delightfu story that encompassed over 300 years.

tarting in 1664 when present day New York City was a Dutch fort and trading post through 2009 as New Yorkers, and America, showed it 's resilience following the terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001.

What makes New York great is the people.

he people who came for freedom and because they never gave up and worked hard found it.

rated it

American history is not my strength and I ’ m still on the look-out for books that will hold my interest me in this area.

I lived in New York when I was in graduate school many years ago.

It as such a ba read that I didn ’ t do it to end.

He obviousl has a knack for making history come alive.

I plan to eventually read all his books.

An encampment in New York City 's Central Park, where many lived during the Great Depression.Here are some reference that I thought are worth sharing: “ Whatever you o, keep your family together.

He has even said, in public: ‘ If I ca save the Union without freeing a single slave, I ’ d do it. ’ His words.

Do you thin he actually told a delegation of black men, to their faces, that he doesn ’ t want Negroes in the United States? ” “ I ’ d rather be the wife than the mistress. ” “ You still have your marriage. ” “ Marriage may not e th perfect state, but it is a protection, especially as we get older.

But in the nd, either way, all that we have will be lost. ” “ I was reading Virginia Woolf the other day, and she knew that at one period of her life, she was willin to et o much done because she had three uninterrupted hours to work in every day.

rated it

I ’ ve been pretendin to read Rutherfurd ’ s books for 20 years!

I ad a scary first night in New York — I was being followed by a Frenchman who had been sitting next to me on bus.

Frenchman got off too and started following me ...

I struggle to sleep a little that night- tummy growling- still scare- but wouldn ’ t leave my room until early the next morning .... I got up early, headed back to the airport.

I ’ ve had many more memorable pleasurable experiences in New York since that first visit.

I even worked in New York in mymid -20 ’ s.

Trump just makes me WANT TO SCREAM.But blessings for Cuomo —— and a big thank you to NEW YORK!

The storytelling in this nove seeme like great homag to the generations and generations of the courageous men and women in New York that refuse to be victimized.

There are already thousands of reviews of his memoir, so not sure what else I eed to add other than I enjoyed it!! It was asy to get wrapped up with the compelling characters — the descriptions—the early days of slavery, followed by ongoing chronological highlights of history.The fiction characters felt like real people—most likable dealing with challenging life situations.

Incredibly ambitious and fabulously written .... a book worth spending time with ..... Honoring love for he great city of New York!

rated it

It 's a ba ook, but it 's not diverse.

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