Get ready for action, adrenaline and adventure in this explosive, brand new Alex Rider mission by bestselling author, Anthony Horowitz.

In this adrenaline-fueled adventure in the number one bestselling series, Alex Rider is sent by MI6 Special Operations to infiltrate a new and sinister organisation known only as Nightshade. Alex is on his own, with the betraya of thousands of people resting in his hands.
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Published April 7th 2020 by Candlewick Press

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rated it

Some super daring jumps and Alex saves the day … oops, was that a spoiler?

rated it

But what I mean is that reading book of this size would normally take me several weeks and yet, the past ew eeks, I have been reading books of this size at a pace and I ’ m so sure how my reading is going to cope when I com back to work…But we ’ re ot here to talk about work, we re here to talk about Nightshade, the twelfth Alex Rider ovel.

I have read Alex on and off since my college days ( starting with Eagle Strike) and, earlier this month, I audiobooked/reread Ark Angel, a bit of a “ jump the shark ” in series and, after hat, I went “ I ’ m looking to read Nightshade.

But his time, he ’ s on his own…I ’ m sorry I ’ m making myself go back into a world of Alex Rider because it ’ s mix of un, comforting and pure escapism.

It ’ s nteresting that the Alex Rider books where Alex is fourteen ( starting withStormbreaker and ending with Scorpia Rising- though we do have Russian Roulette that focus on fan fave, Yassen Gregorovich), the missions have a slight sci-fi twist to them ( at time.

Look now to technology such as space travel and cloning, we re very close), whereas the newer Alex Rider novels, tarting with Never Say Die ( Alex Rider 2.0, if you shoul), he essay are far more grounded, more darker in tone and seems to get a little further.

Though I am a little worried over Alex, as much as I enjoy th series and I think fans all over he world, I don ’ t ant his series to outstay its welcome.

rated it

plot is terrific& the characters are as well drawn as any in his adult novels.The Alex Rider books have a distinctly different feel to the James Bond novels, but as Horowitz is big fan of 007 he slips in an occasional subtle Bond reference.

rated it

I also loved both Jack Starbright and Tom they had better roles to play this time I liked how they fit well in what happens in he essa.

rated it

If I ever do then there is omething wrong ( with me) .Once again, Alex Rider is back at school and hoping that his days as a teenage spy working for MI6 are over.

I had remained secretly optimistic after the last Alex Rider mission ended with a subtle hint towards a follow-up, but I did n't expect Anthony to actually HIT US WITH THIS MID-QUARANTINE?!?!?

Alex Rider remains one of the coolest characters in fiction and these books some of the most amusing and engaging out there.

One of the reasons is likely to be that I 've become harsher with my star ratings in general since I last read one of thos ooks, but side from that, I liked that the climax of Nightshade was a little rushed.

rated it

I put Alex Rider books in the same category as CHERUB, and probably Artemis Fowl.

They are istinct from each other for certain, but the breadth in traits is n't there.This was a un book to read ( I read it in mor than two days- 440 pages) and will please any young teen who claims they do n't like books or of course, anyone else who just wants something quick and adventurous to devour.I was sent this book by Harper Collins NZ in exchange for honest review

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