Ninth House

Galaxy “ Alex ” Stern is the most unlikely member of Yale ’ s freshman class. Raised in the Los Angeles hinterlands by a hippie mom, Alex dropped out of school early and into another world of shady drug dealer boyfriends, dead-end jobs, and obviously, much worse. By age thirtee, in fact, she is the sole survivor of a orrific, unsolved multiple homicide. Some woul say she ’ s thrown her life bac. But at her hospital bed, Alex is offered a second chance: to attend one of the world ’ s most elite universities on a full ride. What ’ s catch, and why her?

Still searching for answers to this herself, Alex arrives in New Haven tasked by her mysterious benefactors with monitoring the activities of Yale ’ s secret societies. These eight windowless “ tombs ” are well-known to be haunts of the future rich and powerful, from high-ranking politicos to Wall Street and Hollywood ’ s biggest players. But their occult activities are revealed to be more sinister and more extraordinary than any paranoid imagination might conceive.
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Ninth House
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Published October 8th 2019 by Flatiron Books

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rated it

Please! I saw a couple of people say they were hoping Ninth House would be like The Magicians and were disappointed that it was n't, but I got ta say: I found he first 146 pages of nove to be exactly like The Magicians.

Sometimes when I do n't finish book, I sen people to spoil the ending for me, but I absolutely do not care what happens.If you are new to Bardugo, I still recommend checking out the Six of Crows duology.

rated it

I couldn ’ t imagine anyone in a better position to deliver his story than the author I believe to be one of the finest in her field.But what a slim hope to rest my heart upon.In Leigh Bardugo ’ s first offering to the adult genre, Yale University wears claws hidden in a velvet glove.

Here where magic didn ’ t require skill so much as a steady lavishing of grotesqueries, and en in power used their loyalty to underground societies to further their own interest, eager to commit their weight to the great lever and move the world—without counting the cost.Peering down from a lofty chair at the est of the societies was House of Lethe, standing guard to ensure that their unwholesome affairs won ’ t tip them into a whirling chaos that could eat them whole.

Alex ’ s lies are adequate, but Darlington ’ s gaze, fastened on her, is a mirror that granted a ruinous glimpse of herself, and it spoke of abandon and fearlessness, a person dangerously unmoored from their own future.Now there is a fog creeping along at their heels, swallowing their footsteps and erasing their evidence, and when a girl winds up dead and Darlington melts to nothing before Alex ’ s yes, the wrongness of what they ’ re doing hangs like gun smoke in the air.

Darlington believed they were safe in Lethe—they were the shepherds, after all—but Lethe only bestows the kind of protection that weighs and measures before it finds you worthy.

I kept tellin myself, while reading, how it should be that I as so decidedly not enjoying a book that was so perfectly calculated to be my literary ideal, and here, I sa, is the answer.Bardugo has always been good at fully bringing to life a place most couldn ’ t retend to know, and has already displayed a great gift for plot in her YA Grishaverse books, but I was left craving the vividly and mordantly splendid story lines we know she ’ s capable of delivering.

Despite its flashes of poignant beauty—there is a recurrent scene from his nove that surfaces in my mind again and the, like an obsessive undercurrent in a dream: Alex standing, like a temple icon to an evil goddess, ( “ night ebbed and flowed around her in a cape of glittering stars ”), and Darlington with a word in his back that felled him to his knees, to her mercy, his plea of “ Choose me ” a frantic, unspoken chant—Ninth House ’ s blend of the mundane and the magical did not tip far enough to the latter for me.Bardugo favors detailed explication over keeping a steady pace, and it ’ s problematic when the flow of the tal is hampered by its slow build and lack of major plot movement.

And though the driving force of the narration is a classic whodunit, with Bardugo structuring the book like a detective yarn of sorts, I do n't know whether it works like a crime novel; Alex is sharp, frail she was, yet crafty, but the narrative may hand her a few too many gifts.The emotional register of Ninth House, too, is of a different order from either of Bardugo ’ s previous works—for me, at least.

There ’ s a roaring vitality to her that ’ s not just beneath the surface, though, and I chose to poke at it until it gave way to something more.Despite having considerably less page-time, Darlington ’ s haracter, on the other hand, manages to shine amid a constant barrage of wonders and grotesqueries.

There ’ s an embodied presence to him, depth and information—and it kept me riveted throughout.Darlington lived with an endless commotion inside, and this part of him that sought danger, like an ember sought air, fit in with Lethe like a bolt sliding into place.

rated it

I urned into most intelligent book reading machine and started to turn two pages at a time ( because my mind can already feel what ’ s written at the firs page, unbelievable, isn ’ t it?) I didn ’ t get bored.

( I ’ m not exaggerating, yesterday I woke up with his singing “ End of the road ” in the most ear bleeding tune!) I read oo many ood reviews and I absolutel love this author ’ s works and tha is at the top of my most anticipated books of his year!

As a summary I did all those mature things a regular 40 years old crazy lady could perform! But as soon as I began to read, I sai that something wrong with me because I elt like I disconnected with the book as if somebody pulled off my plug or turned my brain cells ’ functioning off.

Reall I ’ m at the alternate universe and I read different version of book or too much Chardonnay finally turned me into regular brainless Hollywood person! ” So the intriguing blurb of Galaxy Stern a.k.a Alex who suffered from big traumas, abuse, too many horrible things finally makes a fresh start by starting to study in Yale.

You read it because you love the books and you love how they make you thin.

But book didn ’ t make me relaxed, happy, entertained, excited, it just suffocated me.I couldn ’ t relate with Alex, Darlington and I tried my best but I didn ’ t like Sandow, Hellie, Dawlos, too.So maybe I wante to writ his in wrong time.

Obviously I ad a focusing problem or I ’ m in a dark mood when winter comes or I didn ’ t eel like to read anythin like that!

his book didn ’ t work for me! bloginstagramfacebooktwitter

rated it

Stil, if you 're a fan of dark fantasy/horror and stories involving occult magic, please remain standing; everyone else can sit down.

Great, now also remain standing if you are ok with reading a book where you are dropped into the middle of world much like our own, but you ar no idea what 's going on and have to figure it out as you go at a slow burning pace, until all is revealed.

Ninth House is an exceedingl ark and heavy read, one that is well-written and plotted, but contains many aspects that are so niche that I ca n't imagine a majority of Bardugo 's YA fantasy fans crossing over into his realm.

Damn it could do that for Alex as well. " book close with a touch of an ending, and abruptly brings us back to what I will refer to as Present Day. We are dropped directly into Alex 's daily schedule, and over the course of the first 150 pages or so, we slowly gather information on the various secret societies at Yale, how magic is involved, and snippets of Alex 's past that lead her to Yale in the irst place.

The is section where the book weeds out those who bought this because it 's one of the most popular new releases of 2019, and those who are genuinely interested in dark ADULT fantasy.

Thi audio version of Ninth House features two of my favorite narrators, and I found that this format worked best for me in the eginning, and I enjoyed it o much that I mostly listened to the whol book rather than reading my hard copy.

After a majority of he ook being the slow burn, the ending is absolute bonkers in the best way!

rated it

A book continuously switches back and forth from Late Spring to Winter, so we et to see what happened in the past and the ramifications it causes for present day Alex.In the Winter, we et to see her starting Yale, meeting a man named Darlington, and learning all about the nine secret societies at Yale, with secret, magical rituals that they perform.

Previously, it is Lethe House ’ s responsibility as the ninth house to eep the others in order and make sure they aren ’ t doing bad things.In the Spring, everything is different, and Alex is struggling with the weight of so much.

From missing people, to ghosts who are paying her too much attention, to a girl being murdered that Alex can ’ t help but think was because of one of the secret societies, and she is unwilling to do nything to solve he case.

And Leigh is not cared to go there, in the terrible acts they commit, to the horrible ends they deserve, and I eally liked it, and it may have been my favorite element of his essa.

I ’ m going to be brutally honest, not much happened in his ook, and surely enough didn ’ t remembe for this book to be almost 500 pages.

I felt like you could easily cut this book in half and it ould have been way more impactful and way more exciting to read.

It started to eel like a chore to pick up, and the book took me twice the amount of time it would normally take me to read.It also started to feel so formulaic, where something really bad and heartbreaking would happen ( past or present) then we ’ d have 50+ pages of nothing, and instea something even worse happens, then 50+ of nothing.

I could be honest, it made for such a strange reading experience, because I elt like veryone was looking at me, even though I was only 100 pages into ook.

Alex truly has horrible things happen to her and her loved ones throughout her short life.

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