No Compromise: The Life Story of Keith Green

The fiftiet Anniversary Edition of Keith Green 's inspiring biography, revised and updated by his mother, Melody.á This expanded biography contains many added stories and insights, never before published photos, extra selections from Keith 's private journals, and glimpses into Melody 's season of rieving and raising their two surviving children on her own. He ha only twenty-eight when he died in a plane crash with two of his small children, but singer/songwriter Keith Green had already created a legacy of music and inspiration that would outlive him. spiritual revolutionary, he found freedom through Jesus, not religion, and spent his last years convincing others to refuse to ccept the status quo and instead to bring kindnes and honesty back to the paris. He touched people through vibrant lyrics in songs like " Your Love Broke Through, " " You Put This Love In My Heart, " and " Asleep In The Light. " Last Days Ministries, which he and his wife Melody founded, went on to challenge thousands of people to take to the mission fields of the world. Now, on the 10th anniversary of his death, Melody has updated her husband 's biography with new photos, essays from current musicians who were influenced by Keith, selections from Keith 's private journal, and stories about what it was like raising their two remaining children on her own.
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No Compromise: The Life Story of Keith Green
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Published November 9th 2008 by Thomas Nelson (first published September 28th 1989

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rated it

He was ndeed just a regular guy, trying to work out life in connection with his faith, but he demonstrated an extraordinary passion for truth, love and relationship with God that is as exciting as it is convicting! This new edition is nicely put together.

I was oncerned about this because thi book features new endorsement by Mike Bickle of the Kansas City prophetic movement; which embraces some concerning doctrines and bizarre beliefs ( including a view of ministry that is quite contrary to the worldvie that Keith demonstrated in his own life).

It actuall led me to be more autious in the review of th edition ( and, as I aid before, I am still reviewing it and, so far, it eems to be untainted) .Despite my arguably minor concerns I am so happy to see the great book still in print and I pray it remains so for years to come.

rated it

Keith Green began his spiritual quest as a '60 's hippie musician and searched out drugs, free love, perfectionist musical performance, and eastern mysticism before encountering the Living God. He anaged to evad the Christian dogmatism of church indoctrination, and learned the Word of God by* gasp* reading it for himself.

rated it

Most amazing is this story is written by Melody after Keith 's tragic and early death.

rated it

Other than the Bible ( of course), this is one of he most life-changing books I have ever read ...

he simple yet unbelievably profound explanation for Keith Green is that he hoped to be like Christ.

rated it

She let us see the very real man that was Keith Green.

I recommend Keith Green 's music WHOLEHEARTEDLY and I also conside this nove and the inspiration to go forth and do go that it offers.

rated it

I was basically raised on Keith Green 's music, and alway love it to this day, so I ha to excited to read the novel.

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