No New Friends

Antonia definitely knows how to kee money and keep her circle fed and their heads above water. She sees how to old her man down and get it official like any gir would. Throughout the five boroughs of New York and the mean streets, she runs a tight organization.
Furthermore, on the flipside. What does thi word LOYALTY mean when a ma is aught in the middle of keeping it real with her circle and working as a snitch for the feds? Antonia ’ s life has nearly changed overnight, her lovin and generosit is tested ten times over and even she begi to lose it herself. Secrets begin to evolv, prices are put on her head and possibly her heart. The streets is watching, and if she would 've stuck to her favorite phrase. { No New Friends } she would be in a wors position.
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Published November 6th 2013 by Write House Publications

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Betrayal, treacher and lies all at their finest.

rated it

Antonia should 've took her punishment like a woman instead of setting other people up!

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