No One Left But All of Us

It is ot our institutions that are broken- it is our politics. We ave a Republic our Founding Fathers never intended, where unlimited campaign contributions and Congressional seniority keep Americans from having a real say in our government. Disunity and hyperpartisanship keep this system in place. It is time to change all that. When our elected leaders fail us, when corporations call the shots and make the laws, who is left to fin it right? No one but ll of us.

A book akes a hard look at today 's politics- the profits and power to be made through keeping citizens uninformed and at each other 's throats. It talks in real terms about the cost of disunity, the derivatio of citizenship, and our civic duty- to each other and the nation.

What he country needs now is n't change. It needs to re-discover the founding rinciples of the Republic. Its citizens need to take hold of the government by way of public opinion and voting, and give our government work as it was originally intended.
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Published December 16th 2019 by Sons of Joy, LLC

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Presentl, all of his solutions are near impossible ( Constitutional amendments on term limits, changing House terms to four years, eliminating all campaign contributions except the individual one), but both are not.Roberts packages his thoughts into short chapters on partisanship, citizenship, civic duty, economics ( very high level, folks, do n't orry), healthcare, and everal more topics.

Thi left does n't really govern in the same way save to try to forestall or undo the damages of the not-left.Takeaways ... In his irst chapter, titled " Unity ", Roberts says that " American unity is the most powerfu force the world has ever seen " and demonstrate that with quick stories of Washington, Lincoln and FDR.

The pendulum swings to the ight, and he top twenty percent of the country gets tax breaks.From my armchair, the " handouts ".

It means that the country comes before party and ideology and profit.This should be the epigraph.

Or an epigraph.In " The Most Important Election ", Roberts says, " Let 's stop having the conversations politicians want us to ave. " Oh, such wishful thinking.

it wo n't happen in my lifetime.I really liked his " Civic Duty " chapter, though I questioned again word choice in the intro: " The time has come to look away from political leaders as role models. " I ca n't think of anyone in the last 58.5 years in politics who is a role model ( even President Obama), and when the interweb obsesses over royals, entertainment and sports figures, I 'm not sure who does.

Practicall, Roberts lists and describes 17 duties, which I wo n't relist here, but th few are " Remember that government money is taxpayer money ", " So pay your taxes ", " Never forget that you 've paid you taxes ", " Have a plan for continuous improvement " ( that happens to hav a moral imperative in my life lesson list), " Take an interest in politics ", " Do n't be partisan " Taking a partisan view of issues is n't a battle you can win, nor is it your fight anyway.

Fact-check the things you see and hear and remember that there is likely an agenda behind all the noise.Ah ... fact-checking ... an exercise reserved to the elite, no? An excellent discussion that should et in the craw of every human ( I use that term specifically ... humans are rarer than you think) is in Roberts' chapter on " Hyphenated America " .We use it without thinking ( and do n't remark on it when no one does).

My question is usually " I grew up in Connecticut, but I 'm an American. " Roberts says it 's time to drop the hyphens.

He said of the bill, the insurance discounted amount, his out of pocket expenses, and the loss of tax revenue associated with the lost incomes of the healthcare provider, ...

Roberts concludes with another wishful thought: " Government can do a lot of things that impact their citizens' daily lives.

Making healthcare accessible to all is among the most important. " And he te that the corporate citizens will do everything to stop, and one party abets.Another choice of words: " Americans no longer think of Congress as a pantheon of heroes the way we do our presidents. " Recoil ... that sentence flies in the face of all things reasonable.

But that 's me.Roberts says " The United States of America, as originally designed, works. " Hear, hear.

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Stacey Roberts brings the same fresh voice and wry sense of umor to No One Left But All of Us as he does the stories he tells in his irst two ooks.

A ook speaks to us where we 're at.

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The increase is so that members of he House can spend les time legislating, and mor time raising money raising money to stay elected.In the past, there have been times when Americans came together for common purpose, when country, and helping your neighbor, came first.

If a book an get even one person to start moving in he direction of Country First, instead of Party First, it mus e a disappointmen.

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The very awesome book cover, great font& writing style.

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