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Tác phẩm là dòng hồi ức của người lính về chiến tranh và thời tuổi trẻ đã trải qua trong bom đạn. Đó là lòng tiếc thương vô hạn đối với những người cùng thế hệ với mình đã nằm xuống, là ám ảnh về thân phận con người trong thời buổi loạn ly, và thông qua thân phận là sự tái hiện đầy xót xa về quá khứ, những suy tư nghiền ngẫm về con đường dấn thân của cả một thế hệ sinh ra trong chiến tranh. Bao trùm lên tất cả, là nỗi buồn sâu xa gắn với từng mảnh đời riêng.

Tác phẩm đã bước ra khỏi lối mòn về lòng tự hào dân tộc cùng những chiến công và vinh quang tập thể để nêu lên thông điệp về sự ghê tởm, về tính chất hủy diệt của chiến tranh đối với con người. Vào thời điểm ra đời cuối thập niên 1980, " Nỗi buồn chiến tranh " có thể được xem là tác phẩm văn học Việt Nam hiện đại đầu tiên viết về chiến tranh có cái nhìn khác với quan niệm truyền thống, khẳng định mạnh mẽ vai trò cá nhân trong xã hội, quyền sống, hạnh phúc và đau khổ của con người với tư cách một cá thể độc lập. Tiểu thuyết nhận được giải thưởng Hội Nhà văn Việt Nam năm 1991.
Year of the Publication
Available Languages
Isbn 13
Number of Pages
Original Title of the Book
Thân Phận Của Tình Yêu (The Fate of Love)
Publication Date
Published May 30th 2011 by Nhà xuất bản Trẻ (first published 1987

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In 'The Sorrow of War', Ninh dissects the horrors of war, his harrowing account exploring the psychological impact war has people, how is strips soldiers of their sense of humanity, of their nnocence, the ense of adventure and solidarity it engenders is soon overtaken by the cruelty and violence it exposes soldiers to; " Forever he would ache with the onging to follow that shining light from the horizons of his past; to return to those moments of first sparks of war, the glimmerings of his first adventures and the light of love shining from deep in his childhood. " 'The Sorrow of War' follows the life of Kien, as he reminisces about the impact of the Vietnamese War on his life.

Kien briefly ponders all of the stories he may have told if his life ad neve been ruined by war; stories of love, of the lives of ordinary people and their every-day concerns, instead Kien can only depict a world ruined by a senseless war, of perpetual violence and degradation punctuated by odd moments of beauty, like the silhouette of the female soldier against the setting sun as she sacrifices herself for her wounded comrades; " One year in the seventies a false spring had appeared in Hanoi.

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I expec book is heading for 5-stars when, as I 'm nearing the end, I read slowly and try to savor the last 20 pages or so.

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This boo follows the tory of a North Vietnamese soldier that loses love and faces the ardships of a physical, but also emotional war.

Presentl, it should have been act that I had read Things They Carried and Red Badge of Courage only months before, but writing a story about the notio that war causes " emotional struggles " is not new.

No need to shove a singular idea into a plot-line when the medium of a novel does not provide your message any other benefits.

Though I do realis the Vietnam War fascinating, and reading a boo from the Northern perspective was an interesting choice by my teacher, I alway have to expect that Ninh was n't the author to do it justice.

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he Future Lied To UsA reminiscence, rather than a boo, tumbling between the time before war, eleven years of brutal fighting, and then its aftermath.

A recent years of war had brought enough suffering and pain to last them a thousand years. ” At its simplest, this tal is he universal one of the common soldier: an inexperienced young man dislocated from a normal life, and exposed to the fictio of having to kill and watching others killed, seemingly endlessly.

In this sor of peace it seems people have unmasked themselves and revealed their true, horrible selves.

Some voice other than “ The way you speak in hell. ” Incrementally he is reluctan to convinc himself without forgetting what he has seen: “ The tragedies of the war years have bequeathed to my soul the spiritual strength that allows me to escape the infinite present.

He returned time and time again to his ove, his friendship, his comradeship, those human bonds which had all helped us overcome the thousand sufferings of the war. ” Memory had become more than sorrow; it also carried the joy of his youth- for the reader of his life if not for him.

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Here is a description of the nd of war, what Americans think of as the Fall of Saigon in 1975, as viewe from the other side: " Peace had rushed in brutally, leaving them dazed and staggering in its wake.

Kien sat in the canteen of the Air France terminal ( in Saigon), his legs up on th table, quietly drinking.

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