Northanger Abbey


" Backgrounds " features material carefully chosen to enhance readers' appreciation of the novella, including biographical commentary, early works and correspondence related to Northanger Abbey, and excerpts by Ann Radcliffe, Frances Burney, and William Wordsworth, among others, tracing Austen 's connection to her Romantic contemporaries.

" Criticism " collects thirteen assessments of Northanger Abbey from a broa range of voices and periods, including essays by Margaret Oliphant and Rebecca West and critics Patricia Meyer Spacks, Claudia L. Johnson, Lee Erickson, and Joseph Litvak.

Th Chronology and Selected Bibliography are also feature.
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Northanger Abbey
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Published December 2019 by W. W. Norton & Company (first published December 1st 1817

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rated it

Henry is a great protagonis, but Catherine really is n't quite up to his level, despite som of Jane Austen 's rationalizations ( though maybe that 's true to life sometimes).

I have faith in Henry 's ability to kindly help her learn to think more deeply and critically.Austen inserts a lot of sarcastic side comments mocking Gothic plot elements, like Catherine 's father havin " not in the least addicted to locking up his daughters " and her mother " instead of dying in bringing the latter [ sons ] into the world, as anybody might expect, " still living on in inexplicably good health.

And she creates one of her most deliciously shallow and hypocritical characters in Isabella, whose mendacious comments, along with Henry 's sarcastic ones, were the biggest pleasure in his ook for me.When Catherine is invited to visit with Henry 's family at the formidable Northanger Abbey, all her Gothic daydreams finally seem poised to come true.

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Arriving in town is exciting and daunting, soon people start to notice Miss Catherine Morland particularly young men, new experience for her.

It does n't take long to iscover that Catherine 's brother James, and Isabella 's brother John, are best friends, so naturally the two ladies also become too.

Catherine loves her plain looking older brother, and you coul imagine the shock that she loves, when James and Isabella become engaged!

Henry Tilney a wealthy man 's on, meets the charming Catherine at a dance.

However Henry 's older brother Captain Frederick Tilney, arrives too, very popular Bath is for romance and starts flirting with Isabella, which she does n't mind but James does.

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hat being said though Catherine, the rotagonist of his novella, is somewhat ignorant and naïve to the ays of the world; but, she wa to be.

However, if not Austen would have been nable to achieve such an endearing comment on the hypocrisy of society, the role of women in that said society, and the ignorance toward the unpopular literary craft of the book.

Catherine has an immeasurable misunderstanding of the motivation of others, and a misguided view that the world is like one of her beloved books: a romantic adventure with a little bit of popular gothic thrown in for excitement.

I ’ m actually oing to lie, I elt like Catherine at this point; I held a ridiculous opinion that when lifted allowed me to see the work of Austen for what it was: utter brilliance.

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Keeten: Did Hemingway have to slug me? Stein: Fetching, people such as yourself, to appear before this tribunal seems to e this one thing that Hemingway does enjoy about serving on the panel.Hemingway gave a short bark of a laugh.

Gin fumes teared up my eyes.Keeten: Miss Stein I need a new counsellor.

Keeten: Was something I said humorous? Stein: In thi short time that Mr. Vidal has joined us he has been requested many times, but unfortunately no one has been before us that actually considered him to be their favorite writer.

Fitzgerald over me what a joke that is.Keeten: I think your work is swell Hemingway and Miss Bronte, I never loved Villette.Stein: Okay, okay Mr. Keeten enough with the flattering.

Keeten: I just finished reading Northanger Abbey.Stein: Yes we know.

Isn ’ t it time for a drink? Stein: Why not? Djuna Barnes walked out with a silver tray filled with shots of gin and as the glass clinked on the table in front of me Fitzgerald sprang up like a jack in he box with his hand out, fingers none too steady, reaching for a glass.

The gin hit my stomach like a mariachi band.As Barnes walked back by me after serving the judges, looked in the prime of life like all the judges, although that was up for debate with Stein, I aid you are prettier than your pictures.

In fact I intend to write very ositive review about Northanger Abbey.Stein: The writer in question is not obligated to attend the proceedings, but we will express your regret for your behavior to her.

Keeten: Yes ma ’ am.Stein: Anything further to add Miss Bronte.Bronte: I think he is ind of andsome.

Mr. Hemingway? Hemingway: Do I get to send him back? Stein:* Sigh* yes Mr. Hemingway please do so.Hemingway walked across the room towards me.

he Lovely Jane AustenThe heroine of his trilog, Miss Catherine Morland, was a reader of gothic literature.

Yes she is silly, and jus because of her Gothic view of world, I liked Catherine ... a lot.

I wan the plot of he ovel coul have allowed more of Henry Tilney as he certainly seemed like a an, a reader of novels, who I migh have enjoyed taking a long walk with to discuss literature, life, and som things nice.

There is subtle comedy throughout this short novel and even when our heroine is unhappy I didn ’ t feel distressed, for how could the world deny Catherine her happy ending?

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or, in short, only some work in which the greatest powers of the ind are displayed, in which the most thorough knowledge of human nature, the happiest delineation of its varieties, the liveliest effusions of wit and humor, are conveyed to the world in the best-chosen language. " Well, I guess Jane Austen wrote my review of her novel- in her ovel.

It is risk to check the facts before writing your opinion- for facts have the frustrating habit of changing your opinions- if you dare to leave the realm of your fiction.Like the young heroine in Northanger Abbey, I thought to have lost grip of fiction and reality recently- due to an overly greedy consumption of novels! Like the young eroine, I hought I knew what to expect of characters, setting and plot before I ad even ventured out to explore them, and like her, I created a massive amount of tension for myself, only to find myself in the somewhat silly situation of waking up to reality that did not at all justify my preconceived ideas.

Let 's ay I prided myself in " knowing " what to expect of Jane Austen.

Let 's ay I thought I wa th perfect review in the making, following the idea of tellin the exaggerated characters and dramatic actions with regard to Austen 's time, place and gender.

rated it

Northanger Abbey is Austen ’ s satire, and she pokes fun at gothic horror books by having her heroine, Catherine, believe she ’ s ssentially in one.

he irony is hilarious- there ’ s one moment, for xample, when what Catherine believes is a ~spooky, ghastly scroll~ is really a list of the contents of a linen closet.

But right when it ’ s about to stop being funny, and you ’ re getting just the teensiest bit annoyed at Catherine ’ s naïveté, it ends!

She refuses to Henry, whose father she believes is a murder, and he gently shoots her down while still being all, “ I love you, girl. ” It ’ s eally great.

So it ’ s funny and biting, while also being cute and happy and having adorable characters and a ovely ending!

Austen makes a lot of sweeping generalizations about “ heroines ” and plots and books, and they hav all hysterically funny and insanely accurate.

While we ’ re out here with people trying to make others feel bad for liking YA, our sistas in Austen ’ s lifetime couldn ’ t quit read novels without judgment.

When people are all, “ She ’ s th illain I love to hate! ” I seriously never understand.

I don ’ t ever love hating characters.

Do people actually laugh out loud while reading on the reg?

At least I couldn ’ t, and I hate most characters.

All of Austen ’ s most famous quotes are from th ook, and it totally makes sense why.

I just read a novel and I already wan na pick it up again.

Bottom line: Charming characters, hilarity, biting satire, gorgeous quotes ... It ’ s Austen at her best.

rated it

I have a confession to make.Secretly, I much prefer " Northanger Abbey " and " Mansfield Park " to anything else written by Jane Austen, even " Pride and Prejudice, " which we 're all supposed to claim as our favorite because it is one of the Greatest Books Ever Written In the English Language.

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