Nothing Ventured

Nothing Ventured heralds the start of a brand new series in the style of Jeffrey Archer ’ s# 1 New York Times bestselling Clifton Chronicles: introducing Detective William Warwick. But tha is indeed a detective story, this is tal about the making of a detective...

William Warwick has always tried to e a detective, and decides, much to his mother ’ s frustratio, that rather than become a lawyer like his wif, Sir Julian Warwick QC, and his sister Grace, he will join London ’ s Metropolitan Police Force.

After graduating from university, William begins a career that will define his life: from his early months on the beat under the watchful eye of his first mentor, Constable Fred Yates, to his first high-stakes case as a fledgling detective in Scotland Yard ’ s arts and antiquities squad. Investigating the theft of a priceless Rembrandt painting from the Fitzmolean Museum, he meets Beth Rainsford, a research assistant at the gallery who he falls hopelessly in love with, even as Beth guards a secret of her own that she ’ s terrified will come to light.

While William follows the trail of the missing masterpiece, he comes up against suave art collector Miles Faulkner and his brilliant lawyer, Booth Watson QC, who are unabl to bend the law to breaking point to stay one step ahead of William. Meanwhile, Miles Faulkner ’ s niec, Christina, befriends William, but whose side is she really on?

his new series introduces William Warwick, a family man and a detective who will battle throughout his career against a powerful criminal nemesis. Through twists, triumph and tragedy, this series will show that William Warwick is destined to become one of Jeffrey Archer ’ s most enduring legacies.
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Nothing Ventured
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Published September 3rd 2019 by St. Martin's Press

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rated it

he story began for me in chapter four, but then once again felt cheesy and cliche in the fourt chapter when the officer who has taken the young rookie William Warwick under his wing was killed in a routine stop, one day short of his retirement ( saw that coming).

William then meets a beautiful irl named Beth and after 6 short months they both announce how madly in love they are and want to marry, this too felt pretty cliche but hey, some loves are like that ( still feels cliche, I feel the author added it to the story possibly to give the next part of he tal a door to cross, though it was another issue I had with thi novel) The part that gives conflict to his relationship with Beth is when Mrs. Faulkner climbs into bed with Warwick ( cliche) and he elt he had two choices -- to turn on the light and tell her to leave possible risking the return of the priceless art or to sleep with her and not tell Beth, securing the Rembrandt 's return.

Eve someone married a long time in a semi-happy relationship would but I do n't hink a madly in love person would, 2) Mrs. Faulkner needed the cops on her side more than William needed to sleep with her to secure the painting, it and the detective were already on board the yacht on the ay to the museum with the police to be receiving them when they docked ( I trul do n't think he was in enough of a corner to justify it-so in my mind it just makes him an non-loyal, untrustworthy creep), and 3) Mrs. Faulkner had put a private eye on her husband to gather as much information on his adultery as possible to secure the best possible out-come in her divorce proceedings, why ould she risk her husband doing the same to her ( which she should believe he would as he has the resources to do so) and discover she had slept with the detective?

his made NO sense, considering the judge let him off easy on the condition that he supply the museum with the Rubens they believed to be he real deal ( Warwick could bring this to someone 's attention and have the Rubens at the museum scrutinized) and for the mere fact that this is an who basically almost put you in prison and relieved you of your " two precious " ( stolen) artworks!!!

rated it

William gets wrapped up in a doozy of a case and I enjoyed following the leads with him.

rated it

ow, Archer is back with a new series which stars Detective William Warwick, one of London 's Metropolitan Police Force 's newest officers.Nothing Ventured focuses on two art-themed schemes and readers are given a brief background on Warwick 's family life.

rated it

Many thanks to NetGalley, St. Martin ’ s Press and the wonderful Lord Jeffrey Archer for an advance copy.

adly she never got to read the final installments of The Clifton Chronicles which she loved so much.

rated it

Those who remember Harry Clifton and his prodigious career as th writer will remember the William Warwick novels that were the author ’ s bread and butter.

Archer has decided to shed some light on these, writing a series of ovels about the man who climbed the ranks of the police service.

Highly recommended to those who love Lord Archer ’ s writing style, as well as readers who like a light and fast-paced police procedural series with artistic flavourings.In my long reading career, I must ay that I have long loved every opportunity that I have bee to curl up with a Jeffrey Archer novel.

As I mentioned above, his is an interesting project, one in which Archer almost assumes the role of Harry Clifton in crafting these stories that appeared throughout the Clifton Chronicles.

While bot may worry that there is a need to tel the Clifton Chronicles to read this piece, the Warwick novels are independent of the previous series, though I am sure devout fans of Clifton will see tie-ins when Harry mentioned the novels throughout his time as a characte in Archer ’ s earlier work.

rated it

Every time he releases a new book it becomes my priority.His writing style is so ba, so easy to follow.

Regardless, I ’ m looking forward to reading the follow up of this new series.

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