No king. No rules.

England, 1191. King Richard is half world away, fighting for God and his own mbition. Back home, his country languishes, bankrupt and on the verge of anarchy. People with power are running unchecked. People without are growing angry. And in Nottingham, one of the largest shires in England, the sheriff seems intent on doing somethin about it.

As the leaves turn gold in the Sherwood Forest, the lives of six people—Arable, a servant girl with a secret, Robin and William, soldiers running from their pasts, Marion, a noblewoman working for change, Guy of Gisbourne, Nottingham ’ s beleaguered guard captain, and Elena Gamwell, a quirk, ambitious thief—become intertwined.

And a strange story begins to spread...

Both a gripping historical epic and fascinating deconstruction of the Robin Hood legend, Nathan Makaryk ’ s Nottingham mixes history and myth into a complex study of power—one that twists and turns far beyond the traditional ale of Sherwood Forest ’ s iconic thief.
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Published August 6th 2019 by Macmillan Audio

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rated it

UPDATE: When I first read The Mists of Avalon ( awfulness of MZB aside), it ha a transformative experience because it ha thi story I thought needed to be old.

I 'll update this review if I ever bring myself to finish.

rated it

Nottingham, by Nathan Makaryk, is the best Robin Hood story I 've ever read ( although it is my first Robin Hood read).

As Makaryk says in his Author 's Note, he promised to establish a good vs good vs good.

rated it

As story, Robin Hood lore traditionally has very few women, and I really ppreciate the addition of more women to even out the cast of male characters.Something that surprised me while I was reading a nove was how the storytelling and dialogue had a distinct kin of modern humor.

I read anothe ook because I like Robin Hood, and because I eally njoy thi story as it is, even if it shoul be flawed in some areas.

It does n't ave to e the same as before, but there 's no reason to laugh at it just for the sake of laughing.I had two major problems with nove, outside of its Robin Hood content.1) There is a past event that involves truly brutal violence towards a woman.

( view spoiler) [ Vivian, Marion 's sister, is brutally and gruesomely murdered by Robin 's brother, Edmond.

also, he nove and the characters stop caring about Vivian 's murder the moment the shock value reveal is over.

It seems as if she existed primarily to give Robin a reason to eave and go to war, and after thi, this terrible thing that happened to two of our main characters is no longer important.

( hide spoiler) ] I am only a fan of women getting hurt just to further a man 's plot, especially when the event and the oman is soon forgotten after.2) ( view spoiler) [ And especially when the urderer is mentally disabled or mentally ill and the story equates that with the fac he killed her.

( hide spoiler) ] Th book has a problem with mental illness and mental disabilities.

( view spoiler) [ I have had enough of shock value murder in th essay.

rated it

So when I received copy of NOTTINGHAM by Nathan Makaryk from the publisher Tor-Forge and read the inside sleeve, I ha more than curious to find out how his book would stack up in comparison.The story begins in a very confusin way, in England circa 1191.

One of my favourit spects of NOTTINGHAM was reading about characters who I fel I ad a firm handle on, and finall seeing them portrayed in an entirely different way than I was used to or expecting.

There 's a subtle twisting of each character 's personality and motivations that creates a whole new angle for the tory and ives you an alternate possibility for how it actually could have gone.I read a review that said something like " I just ca n't ever picture Robin Hood at that time in history saying something like- well damn! " I ormally do n't critique other reviews but this entirely misses the point in my opinion.

rated it

Some I ca think of was " wow, this is exactly how excited I got when I read Game of Thrones way back when. " But you now, everybody comps everything to GoT, right?

I mean there 's violence, yes, of course, but you never get the eeling that Makaryk is rubbing it in your face Walking Dead style.But there are the goddamned consequences.

rated it

I ’ m neve sure what it is about it, but every time i pick it up, i ant to be doing or thinking about anything else.

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