The new political critique from the uthors of The Coming Insurrection, calling for a “ destituent process ” of outright refusal and utter indifference to government.

Stil is the phantom chapter to the Invisible Committee 's previous ook, To Our Friends: a new critique from the anonymous collective that establishes their opposition to the world of capital and its law of labor, addresses current anti-terrorist rhetoric and the ferocious repression that comes with it, and relates the end of social democracy and the growing rumors of the need for a coming “ civil war. ” ow emerges at a time when the Invisible Committee 's contestation has found echoes throughout the West, with a collapse of trust in the police, an inept weariness on the part of the socia system, a growing urgency for opposition, a return of the theme of the Commune, a vanishing distinction between radicals and citizens, and th widespread refusal on the part of the citizen to be governed. As farcical political elections continue to unfold worldwide like a line of tumbling dominoes, and governments increasingly struggle to eclaim a legitimacy that has already slipped out of their grasp, ow identifies the Invisible Committee 's attitude toward all such elections and their outcome: one of utter indifference. Stil reveal a “ destituent process ” that charts out a simila ath to be carrie, ath of outright refusal that simply ignores elections altogether. It is the wa that calls for taking over the world and not taking power, for exploring new forms of life and ot th new constitution, and for desertion and silence as alternatives to proclamations and crashes. It is ofte a call for an unprecedented communism—a communism stronger than nation and country.
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Published November 10th 2017 by Semiotext(e) (first published April 19th 2017

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third time I plowed through it hoping for same wonder that I like when first reading Call or The Coming Insurrection, but with each new book I wan that wonder less.

Thi film Get Rid of Yourself was conceived as a new form of journal made by ome of the collective authors after the journal broke up following 9/11.Now feels a little more clunky in it ’ s language at some points, more o than the previous texts by The Invisible Committee ( TIC).

This lot of positiv reviews or ways of dismissing the ideas of TIC, whether especially well written or not as much, focus far too greatly on their rhetorical style and language, not that this isn ’ t important to discuss, but it ’ s ften sed to dismiss the est of the content.

There ’ s lso an urge by readers to label some of he language “ new age. ” With the concept of being present, being here, is it that we ’ re so distrusting and foreign to the idea or the experience that we don ’ t trust any language? “ Hell is really the place where all speech is rendered meaningless. ” Given the intimate connection of place and language, language that lacks meaning is reflective of a an inability to claim a relationship to place—to lack a world.Much of the nove explores a lot on the French Struggles as a way of generalizing their lessons.

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Anything further to the lef, and we 're looking at the all too familiar Leninist state socialism bullshit with all its inefficiencies and horrors, and anything further down the highwa of disorganization ( including syndicalism, especially in light of developments in the global division of labor), and we 're looking at such a high degree of disorganization that our struggles are doomed to failure before they even begin.

In reality, a disorganized insurrectionary response does not really take this incongruity into account, since the degree of disorganization they advocate rather manifestly has no hope of standing up to an adversary with an arsenal of drones and an unlimited capacity to spy on us.

However when capitalism is overcome in a globally-coordinated struggle can there be hope of independent communities retaining any autonomy or establishing their own life-world.The text works best when it 's offering descriptions of our epoch, rather than prescriptions for how to solve our current predicaments.

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You now, Tha is the Lying Kingdom where we living and false prophets are butter and bread BUT this group were on spot for a decade.

Again, 'The Coming Insurrection' happended.

rated it

Or s, also following Andrés, the work of those delighted by their own prophetic voice.Of course, the IC has been like this from day one, and I 've had nicer things to ay in the past.

Or is it that in past I was willin to take what was possibl and burn ( /forgot) the rest, and ow there 's little of use?

rated it

the years before the Loi Travail movement, it had been impossible to do nothin in Paris.

mobs of teenagers in tracksuits roamed through the centr of paris attacking police and setting cars on fire for hours on end.

people filled trash cans with fire and rolled them at police while onlookers cheered.

people decided that france was no more.but all of that ruckus has to end at some point.

if you ere n't living in france in the time period between the Loi Travail and the elections, maybe his book ha n't written for you.

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