Now or Never

To move on,
Sta the past behind,
And build a new life with Jay.

That ’ s all Em wanted. After everything they ’ d been through together, they were both overdue their ‘ happily ever after ’. Too bad the world doesn ’ t work that way. Memories last longer than dreams and Em ’ s fears continue to plague her both day and ight, interfering with that new life she so desperately craves.

To start over,
Secure a future,
And give Em the life she deserves.

Thi was Jay ’ s proposa, but the past isn ’ t done with them, actually. While Em still struggles to vercome the ghosts of her past, Jay is forced to come face to face with his. When the skeletons in his closet step back into the light, Jay must decide what he will do—and what he will sacrifice—to protect Em from them.

Against all odds, Em and Jay are on the verge of having everything they ’ ve ever wanted. They ’ ve fought for it before, but is their love strong enough to overcom any more heartache? The time has come for each of them to choose for themselves whether or not they will allow the past to continue to corrupt their future. And, together, they must decide, will it be... Now or Never?
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Published October 21st 2013

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rated it

side from a rushed, dissatisfying, and obviously very believable ending, I found book one of Fight or Flight to be th very insightfu and interesting read.

^^^Understandable reasoning IF Al did n't always complain in the same breath how her mom never loved her or helped her during any of the violenc.

More Illogical Shit I feel like I 'm chasing the logic of the plot, trying my best to find ANY reason for what 's happening.

Long time on and off again love, Dean, is pissed that Al left him without a word six months ago after he informe her he loved her,& he is ow determined to know all the whys.

While Dean was always too busy working and caring for his own poor, single-mom house to see that Al was abused, it was ctually his new found prying and Al 's fear that he 'd find out that sent her running for his and her own safety.

She despise her daughte will kill them both of his dirty secret is exposed- run and/or push Dean away.

When the mom dies near the middle of another memoir, I want this shit is about to get goo.

Her excuse, uhm reason, for being there is GONE and so is any semblance of logic in this ook!

Finally ... When Dean finally fucking gets a clue that the happines of his life has been being beaten for the next decade or so and that Al is n't pushing him away because she does n't love him* eyeroll,* we get to spend the next umpteen dozen chapters as he broods in Romeo fashion on his front steps; punches walls; and muses about his school, work, and her getting the shit beat out of her while he 's sitting there thinking about all the above DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY AFTER WEEK AFTER WEEK.

I shit you not ... around 30% of this mfing book is him sitting around ..

Anywa when we have oh, I do n't now, at least 30 minutes to kill so that we can clear up where the guilt over the buse, deaths, and sitting about like zombies all belonged.

rated it

I totall recommend this or any other nove by Jamie Canosa.

rated it

The autobiograph as all about realising what 's right in front of you and that sometimes you have to uffer to come out better at the other end!

Another plot was heart-breaking as the main characters suffer even more than what they id in thi tenth nove!

I as an emotional wreck throughout this book as I liked main characters to finally catch a break and to be happy, but ometimes you have to endur to find lov and this is precisel what the main haracters in his series ad to do!

Jay was again the main ale character and my heart completely broke for him in th ook!

I completely admired Jay in this memoi as in way it was more his book than Em 's!

Jay was still the same lovable guy from the nex ook that eels the pressure of wantin to settle down with the irl he remembers, but faces some serious difficulties along the way, which made my heart break for him!

I have loved Jay and Em 's emotional story and I 'm eally sad to see it ome to n end!

rated it

Without high school iplomas or any ort of references, they ’ d been turned down right and left until the last of his inheritance was spent trying to ge them fed.Both Em and Jay suffer from nightmares depicting images of their past lives that they escaped.

Jay thinks that he has to give Em protection from him and his past and the only pat to do his is if Em isn ’ t in his life.

his new worry has him working double and triple shifts at the restaurant, but nevertheles not able to follow the past disappear.

He has essentially pushed her into the arms of man and it hurts him to see her moving on, but in his eyes it was the nly thing to do as he is a protector and he ill protect Em at any cost…even if it costs him his happiness.Em has difficulties moving forward in her life.

Functioning without him was difficult and awkward.Both Jay and Em are being haunted by their pasts and we struggle to see them move forward.

Jay is at a standstill as to how to move forward in life without his past constantly showing up at his door.He ’ d done everything he ca think of, given up everything he had – including the one thing he loved more than anyone else in the godforsaken world: her—and still it wasn ’ t enough.

When Jay essentially pushes Em away from him she rationalizes that it is because of her fear to let go of painful past.

rated it

When I first read the fourt essay in a series, Fight or Flight, I as bsolutely blown away by Jay and Em 's story.

Needless to say, I 've been sitting on pins and needles waiting for Now or Never, which is the continuation of Em and Jay 's story beyond Fight or Flight and YOU GUYS I STILL LOVE THEM AND WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED.

he thir thing you eed to sa is this: As this ook close, we see that Emerson and Jay ca n't g beyond their past- sort of.

As she knows that Jay is having another of his dreams, her heart breaks- he protected her for so long while on the streets, she longs to be ble to protect him from whatever it is that is inside of his head and it pains her to watch and hear him struggle so.

A last thing you wan to sa is this: Jay and Em work hard to kee their new life work.

Jay is n't always as trusting at this point, but he appreciates that Em has Ash because he wants good things for her.

It migh be that Jay is jealous- Jay works so hard and is usually so busy that he is n't even able to step way from the bar to say a word or two to Em during their shifts ( whereas the wait staff are able to ay a few words to one another in the room and in passing) OR it could just be his protective nature.

he hird thing you wan to now is this: Jay 's past comes back to haunt him in BIG way.

In Fight or Flight, we read a great deal about Em 's past, but we were actuall given glimpses into Jay 's past.

Not onc does it stop Jay right in his steps and catch his breath, but Jay 's past has a way of controlling him and manipulating him that he does n't want Em involved in.

Jay has to get th pat to ONCE AGAIN rid himself of these nasty beasts that threaten his sanity and his well-being- doing this means he has to keep Em absolutely 100% safe from his dreaded and awful past.

Thos questions and the dramatic events that surround them kept me ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT because I love Jay and Em so much at tha point and I sincerely only want what is best for them.

You guys, I eally love that- getting wrapped up on story so deeply.

I care so much about Jay and Em ( and about Allie and Dean from Sink or Swim) and I ant nothing but great things for them bot.

I knew right away from the last nove that Jay had that protective instinct about him, and his has followed him into this econd ook.

In a seventh ook, Em still possesses those amazing qualities but she some added features that I love: her feelings of safety, her ove and gratitude for Jay, and her desire to do nothin to brin him out make her stand out to me as great.

It 's true that there are some way that happen in his ook ( to Jay) that Em does n't quit kno but she never stops loving that boy and continues to care for him and fee the best for him because her love is pure and true, even when she is nsure of what is comin on, when she is somethin of flailing for answers.

I love that this scenario- this ntire story arc, including novella involving Allie and Dean- is plausible and is likely happening out there right now.

Tha ook is one that is NOT a companion and DOES need to e read after Fight or Flight.

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