Œdipe Roi

Et si une tragédie grecque, c'était d'abord un texte? Sans doute Œdipe roi est-il la pièce la plus philosophique que nous ayons conservée de Sophocle et son texte, effectivement problématique, après avoir engendré le mythe que l'on sait, a-t-il été l'objet de lectures de toutes sortes, la plus connue étant celle de Freud, mais le phénomène tragique ne doit pas se réduire aux exégèses qu'il suscite; c'est une œuvre d'art parlée et chantée écrite en vers. Rappeler cette saine évidence convie à ne plus se satisfaire de traductions qui se contenteraient de rendre le sens avec plus ou moins d'élégance sans se soucier de la forme. Sophocle fait s'opposer le parler des personnages illustres, exprimé en trimètres ïambiques, à la parole raffinée et archaïsante du chœur, exprimée en mètres lyriques. Il y a là un aspect formel que la traduction française proposée ici s'est efforcée de prendre en compte. "
Jean-Paul Savignac
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Οἰδίπους Τύραννος
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Published May 5th 2006 by La Différence (first published -429

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Sometimes life 's a real bitch.

The intended audience may have been ware of these powers but Oedipus and his farther were hapless in their wake.

There ’ s no wonder Aristotle made this his model for the perfect play because this is masterful.Aristotle ’ s theory can be used to assist the reader in understanding how the plot contributes to the tragedy.

he tragedy is created, in part, by the complexity of its plot which leads towards the catharsis.

According to Aristotle ’ s Poetics the complexity of the plot is established through reversal, recognition and suffering.

The recognition ( anaghorsis) is achieved through the acquiring of knowledge, like the knowledge Oedipus gains of his birth.

He has unknowingly committed incest with his stepmother and murdered his farther, so, like I wante, life is a real bitch.

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That is one of the plays you should reall read.

Although borderline spoiler, it 's important to know 1 fact about the play, as it plays into the mind of so many psychologists today when they speak about an Oedipal Complex, as in all young boys ( kids?) fall in love with their mothers at some point.

Little does he know ....

here 's the scoop: I read A LOT.

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آه خواهران پدر خود.همسرایان: آیا پدرت را .. ادیپوس: باز هم رنجی دیگر و شکنجه‌ای تازه؟.همسرایان: تو او را کشتی؟ .. ادیپوس: آری اما به حق.همسرایان: به حق؟ .. ادیپوس: آری ( ناشناخته، در راه) کسی را کشتم که می‌خواست مرا بکشدداستان نمایشنامهتقدیر چنین مقرر کرده‌ که « ادیپ » شهریار، پدر خود را بکشد، و با مادر خویش همبستر شود.

این حکم را پدر و مادر ادیب دریافته‌ اند، و برای گریختن از آن، « ادیپ » کودک را به چوپانی می‌سپارند، تا جانش را بگیرد.

« ادیب » در دوران جوانی به وسیله ی هاتفان، از سرنوشت خود آگاه می‌شود، و چون پدرخوانده، و مادرخوانده‌ اش را پدر و مادر حقیقی خود می‌پندارد، برای گریز از سرنوشت، از آن دیار می‌گریزد.

پس از سالها فرمانروائی، مرگ، و طاعون بر آن شهر فرود می‌آید، و چون « ادیب » خود سبب آن فاجعه را از معبد کاهنان آپولو می‌پرسد، پاسخ می‌شنود که گناهکار باید از میانه برخیزد، گناهکاری که پدر خود را کشته و با مادرش هم‌بستر شده‌ است.

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We had been discussing the contributions of Hegel to Aesthetics, and he wanted us to visit the play and think of the role of Sphinx and the ignificance of Thebes.In Hegel ’ s aesthetic system he identified Greek sculptures as the apex of what art could achieve in its quest of perfect and supreme beauty.

When Hegel saw some Kouroi in Munich ( now in the Glyptotech), specimens of very early Greek art, he was struck by the significance of the step in this walking man.In Egyptian representations of humans, legs are seen in profile.

For him Greek tragedy had invoked the greatest aesthetic power.Hegel had also understood the Egyptian Sphinx as the first nstance of the representation of human emerging out, liberating himself, from his animal nature.

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Later on, his step parents also leave him in ignorance, and in hiding the truth they are also making the prophecy come true.

This theme as I see it, technicall, is of fate versus freewill.

Every decision that Oedipus makes only brings the revelation closer to being fulfilled.But to fully understand Sophocles work, you ave to understand that for the ancient Greeks the word " tragedy " did n't mean “ a lamentable, dreadful, or fatal event or affair; calamity; disaster. ” For them the idea of such a play, that was a certain and defined theme and structure, is about a person that because of a single tragic flaw becomes the victim of the demon.

" O god-All come true, all busting to light! O light- now let me look my last on you! I stand revealed at last- ”

Despite his flaws and his sins, Oedipus is good and always seeks the truth no matter how devastating.

So, despite the prophecy, it mus ever be denied that Oedipus and his parents had made the choices, not the oracle or the Gods.

Oedipus Rex doesn ’ t ake us only question the role of the gods ( or whatever may decide our fate nowadays: politicians, the economy, the news, and ven our own expectations!), but above all the argument of fate and destiny, and whether we are unwillin to live without external powers deciding our chances.

What happened to Oedipus was the torture of being human, can we escape this curse?

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