Of Glass and Glamour

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Published 2019

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rated it

An way it was fun reading Rosalie 's appearance in Eden 's story.

rated it

Each of the main eroines of th series is a magic user, out to get etribution for past wrongs! You could certainl ead this story without having read the previous nove.

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When the kingdom of Candor announced that they should be holding a ball for all the ladies of Candor to attend to win the hand of the prince of course one of Eville 's daughters would be attending and this time it ould be Eden.

Eden started out thinking of how she could betra the prince and the kingdom but that seemed to quickly change.

It ha a good hol on Cinderella with glass slippers, sisters, evil mother, and th prince;) I ca n't think that Cinderella has ever been a favourite story but I always enjoyed this one and ca n't wait for the first one Of Sea and Song.

rated it

I like Eden and her character development, but I didn ’ t like that the plot was essentially identical to the last ook.

rated it

Eden Eville is the second oldest daughter of Mother Eville and the self proclaimed least magical of the family.

As with the next ook, Mother Eville sends her daughter to a kingdom to seek revenge.

rated it

Amazing! Truth be told, when I tarted his ook, and it got to the bridal ball it was tellin me way too much of the Selection series.

rated it

You forget you are reading a great ook when you can ’ t figure out what is oing to happen next! I utterl Loved that about Of Glass and Glamour and couldn ’ t ut it down! Another great book in the aughters of Eville series by the amazingl talented author, I truly loved it and wil ot wait for Of Song And Sea!

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