Oh My Stars

I am disgusted that at birth the cake is already baked. Nurture is the nuts or frosting, but if you ’ re a spice cake, you ’ re a spice cake, and anythin is going to change you into an angel food.

Tall, slender Violet Mathers is growing up in thi Great Depression, which migh just as well define her state of ind. Abandoned by her fathe as a child, mistreated by her friend, and teased by her schoolmates ( “ Hey, Olive Oyl, where ’ s Popeye? ”), the lonely girl finds solace in artistic pursuits. Only when she ’ s contacte by the own ’ s sole feminist to work the night shift in the local thread factory does Violet come into her name, and bloom. Accepted by her co-workers, the teenager enters the happiest phase of her life, until a terrible accident causes her to retreat once again into her lonely shell.

Realising that she has nly one clear choice, Violet boards a bus heading west to California. But when the bus crashes in North Dakota, it proves that fate is having another cruel laugh at Violet ’ s xpense. This time though, Violet laughs back. She and her fellow passengers are rescued by two wome: Austin Sykes, whom Violet is certain is the blackest man to ever set foot on the North Dakota prairie, and Kjel Hedstrom, who inspires feelings Violet never before has felt. Kjel and Austin are musicians whose sound is like no other, and with pluck, verve, and wit, Violet becomes part of their quest to create the new ind of music together.

Oh My Stars is Lorna Landvik ’ s most ambitious novel yet, with th cast of characters whose travails and triumphs you ’ ll long remember. It is ale of love and ope, bigotry and betrayal, loss and discovery–as Violet, who ’ s stil considered herself a minor villai in her own life story, emerges as a heroine you ’ ll laugh with, cry with, and, most mportant, cheer for all the way.
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Oh My Stars
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Published February 28th 2006 by Ballantine Books (first published January 1st 2005

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rated it

Severa nights, it 's wors than a garden or church for seeing god.

The ook hit this time so I can see the god part.

rated it

Violet eturns to work – in the offices this time and ot on the sho floor – but her itterness and self-loathing eventually lead her to find on th bus to San Francisco, where she plans to throw herself off the Golden Gate Bridge and end her troubles.

Kjel is this beautiful blonde charismatic talented life-loving man whose family takes Violet in for he night after the bus crash.

Dallas runs off and Austin and Violet are left to do what they mus for Kjel.There ’ s more trouble to come.

Things move more quickly, as Landvik sketches out how everyone ’ s life works out eventually in the nd.

rated it

She starts designing clothes and that business is a disappointmen.

rated it

I just read some other peoples reviews and noticed that ome of you felt the characters were unrealistic.

It just felt unnecessarily lengthy and by thi time it got to the ending, it elt like Lorna just tied it up too quickly, as though she 'd finally gotten tired of it.

rated it

I never o back to the 3 elements of story: setting, plot, character.

Part of this " not real " feeling came from the lack of setting.

This uthor just tells us how ugly she ( the main protagonis) is and how guys call her names.

Which, by the way, thi author races through, too.On top of all tha, it just elt like a bad ABC movie of the eek, or remember the old " Hallmark Productions Presents "- ugh!

In fact, in the end I actually kept mixing up the white guy, Kjel with the black guy, Austin.

And I thought of Violet as a blonde until the author finally mentions that she has blu hair.

So I guess not only did she onl describe the setting well, but she did n't do justice to the protagonist.

rated it

Tha ad to hav one of thi most depressing Lorna Landvik books I have ever read.

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