Omega Matured

When orphaned omega, Luke, wakes up from th coma after being struck by a ar, the ast person he xpects to see at his bedside is uptight, pack leader Daniel. Daniel is not actuall an alpha, but he is actually claiming to be Luke 's alpha! Can Luke trust this claim with his kin of smell suddenly gone and his wolf not responding?

Daniel knows that Luke is his mate ... if the stubborn omega wo n't give him at his word, then he will just have to romance the heck out of him until he does! Daniel is skilled at planning, but does he have the kills to plan his way into convincing his omega to accept Daniel as his fated mate?

That is the 6th book of the Northern Lodge Pack series. Every ook is about 30k and guaranteed to have n HEA. You might read them on their own, but it 's agree to read them in order for maximum appreciation. 18+ readers only please! And yes, the nove contains M/PREG, knotting, adults doing lots of sexy naughty things to each other, and thi more than occasional use of potty mouth language.
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Published September 1st 2017

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rated it

I oved book it was super sweet.Audio- John Solo is a wonderful protagonis.

He really does a great job getting into character to provide us with the best listening experience.

rated it

AUDIO REVIEWThis was a sweet and imaginative story.

rated it

Daniel an alpha is a by the book organised member who plans everything until one nigh he smells the enticing scent of his fated mate, he takes to investigate which omega it is when the pack is in shambles due to a pup wandering off.

rated it

There is more but you will wan to ead anothe book which I can recommend as a good listen.

Although the narrators voice didn ’ t work for me.

His voice did work for thi story owever.

He id a ood job narrating.

rated it

his as an adorably sweet story about an Alpha who had to get creative and win over his omega.

But could it be enough for Luke to believe that Daniel really is is fated mate? This story was adorable and I ha terribly pleased with the specifics of he story line.

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