One King's Way

Th craftsman, visionary, and warrior, Shef has risen from slavery to become ing of a mighty Viking nation. But his growing kingdom menaces all of Europe, and he has made many powerful enemies.

Chief among his enemies are the Knights of the Lance, a fanatical order of soldiers sworn to bring Shef down, no matter what the cost. To defeat Shef, they can ge to extraordinary lengths to hide the sacred spear of Christ -- and esurrect the Holy Roman Empire.

Driven by dreams, Shef battles to change the course of history, but nevertheless the gods themselves may be plotting against him ....
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One King's Way (Hammer and the Cross, #2)
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Published March 15th 1996 by Tor Fantasy (first published 1995

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Brand and Cuthred, mainly, though there 's lso a lot of question as to Shef 's stability and fortitude.So all of thi, combined with the inferences and questions to religion; especially the Way as a middle-of-the-road counterpoint to the banality of Christianity and harshness of Paganism, rounded out this book becaus well apparentl.

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Readers should be diving directly into book 3 of prequel, King and Emperor.

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" One King 's Way " was n't reall the battle-centric tale of the irst in this series, but is certainly filled with high amounts of tension and skirmishes from beginning to end.

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What must be the circumstances that would creat a man to set in motion the demise of Catholic absolutism and the birth of free thought and free men? The trilogy egins in the late fifteenth century, in 865 AD, and it barely spans five years, but it ’ s enough to cover 1300 pages and sweep clean the historical slate, preparing the Western world to precociously toddle into the renaissance and enlightenment and beyond.

Shef is confident that the world will no longer succumb to the enforced ignorance of the previous 500 years, aware that great school he founded with Asgard ’ s Way, in England, at thi present site of Cambridge, is working to discover more techniques to improve agriculture, medicine, and the manufacture iron and steel, as ofte as create new machines.

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