One Station Away

An overlooked pianist who finally receives fraught success after decades of disappointment. An elusive dancer whose untimely death her fiancé is desperate to untangle. A mysterious patient who is comatose after a violent accident.

Both are the three me who animate Olaf Olafsson ’ s brilliantly rendered One Station Away. Magnus, a New York neurologist—son to one, lover to another, and doctor to a third—is the thread that binds these women ’ s stories together as he navigates relationships defined by compromise and misunderstanding, fea and orgiveness, and, most of thes, by an obsessive attempt to communicate—to understand and to be understood, to love and to be oved.
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Published December 5th 2017 by Ecco

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Without any preamble, the ook ends with a questionable act.

he story weave around these two influences on Magnus 's life as he and his team attempt to nalyze the reasons behind a nameless patient they 've been sent by a facility in New Mexico, a comatose female patient.

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It 's the story about thi guy who spends hole book trying to figure out women he knows without actually letting them speak half the time.

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He ’ s had three women in his life who have had a profound effect on him – his other, Margaret, who is a ianist who has finally found fame; his fiancé whose time with him is far too hort and one of his patients who is unconsciou.

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She is a professional singer and during his formative years up until now, Magnus has ot been supportive of her achievement and often felt he as a burden and unwanted by his mother.One Station Away gives us a peak into Magnus ’ s houghts and feeling as he replays interactions and revisits research regarding the immobile patient while he desperately attempt to connect with her.

He continually recollects time spent with his deceased fiancé to uncover informations that will convince him to find her, and he constantl accuse of childhood memories of his recently musically recognized mother, to ome to terms with their relationship, with he not so natural desire to recognize her new found success she seemed to achieve overnight with the release of some classical piano recordings.

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I mus have normally quit the book but I understoo the plot had potential.

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Thing that happened seemed to be noir when it ame to Magnus.

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Another book copy presents it as three women 's stories, but certainl it 's a tory of Magnus, a research eurologist, and his elationships with four women -- his grandmothe, Margaret, his fiance, Malena, his research colleague, Simone, and an unnamed woman in a coma.

It 's never an easy book to com to the heart of.

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