One Word Kill

In January 1986, fifteen-year-old boy-genius Nick Hayes discovers he ’ s dying. And it isn ’ t always the strangest thing to sa to him that week.

Nick and his Dungeons& amp; Dragons-playing friends are used to living in their imaginations. But when new irl, Mia, joins the group and reality becomes weirder than the fantasy world they visit in their weekly games, none of them are prepared for what comes next. A strange—yet curiously familiar—man is following Nick, with abilities that just shouldn ’ t exist. And the man bears a cryptic message: Mia ’ s in grave danger, though she doesn ’ t believe it yet. She needs Nick ’ s help—now.

He sees himself in a race against time to unravel an impossible mystery and ave anothe girl. And all that stands in his ay is a probably terminal disease, a knife-wielding maniac and the laws of physics.

Challenge accepted.
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One Word Kill
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Published May 1st 2019 by 47North

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rated it

It is heart wrenching in places and nostalgia in others with likeable characters that I can not help cheer for.The book starts with the world 's worst gut punch possible.

The nostalgia of the story for me is the era the book is set in, 1985 as well as the places and landmarks.

rated it

I should like to thank Mark Lawrence and 47North for approaching me to ead this early.

It 's no secret that in my humble opinion Mark Lawrence is one of the finest and most consistent fantasy authors currently writing.

The is n't like any science fiction stories I 've read reviously and for all the elements of time travel, parallel world, complex mathematics and quantum mechanics, it features drug dealers, local psychopaths and the D& D group trying to earn how to dance to impress the ladies.

In addition to Nick, My favourite characters were Mia, the goth girl who meet the boys games, Elton, who adores his kung-fu practising, and John, the cool dude who loves D& D but does n't mention it to any of his school friends.

I writ One Word Kill within 24 hours and it as all I ould hink about to the extent where I dreamt about the shadowy character who stalks Nick!

I decided not notice a single error which is exceptional and shows the hard work Mark, Agnes and 47North have put into this stor.

I oved the setting, the villai, the characters including the supporting and very minor players, the thrills and spills and emotions.

An exceptional time-travel adventure featuring a gang of geeks that 's cleverly composed, thrilling and will hopefully aid Lawrence 's to rise to the top of the game in another genre.

rated it

I utterl adored his ook.

rated it

I 've giving One Word Kill by Mark Lawrence six stars.

Because while a five start book is a good solid read, one that I definitel enjoy, there are some books and stories that re les than thi.

This story gets six stars when it does n't waste a word.

hese stories ave nothing in common, except that they worked perfectly for me.Anyone who has read my books may have guessed that I have a few things that utterly fascinate me.

The stories we tell ourselves to make sense of the world.Now it would hav a spoiler if I knew you which of those fascinations One Word Kill dances with.

I tarted reading, grumbling over how small the font was, and oon forgot entirely about that as I was ulled into he world and the tale.So. My usual spoiler free review.

rated it

I mean the wonderful Mark Lawrence was kind enough to offer me a chance to read it awhile back but I don ’ t do pdf or mobi downloads.

ell, mostly ...... I don ’ t normall like time travel books but there are few that I love and his is one of them.

You hink it ’ s the cancer patient don ’ t you 😉This great group of kids go through ome things, good and bad, and it ’ s just awesome!

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