Shakespeare ’ s Othello is one of his finest and most famous tragedies. This highly acclaimed performance, which ran between November 2007 and February 2008 at the Donmar Warehouse in London, features Chiwetel Ejiofor as the Moor Othello, Ewan McGregor as the scheming Iago, and Kelly Reilly as the gentle Desdemona. This recording features music written specifically for the stage production which enjoyed huge success – each performance was a sell-out.

Length: 2 hrs, 38 mins
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The Tragedy of Othello, The Moor of Venice
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Published August 1st 2008 by Naxos Audiobooks (first published 1603

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Given its varied and enduring themes of sexism, love, grief, revenge, vengeanc and forgivenes, Othello is still often performed in professional and community theater alike, and has een he source for numerous operatic, film, and literary adaptations.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: ماه ژانویه سال 1974 میلادی، بار دوم روز دهم ماه ژوئن سال 2012 میلادیکتاب « اتللو با استفاده از اشعار نیما یوشیج » ، اثر نمایشنامه نویس انگلیسی: ویلیام شکسپیر است؛ که روانشاد عبدالحسین نوشین اثر شکسپیر را ترجمه کرده، و گاه برای ترجمه ی دیالوگها، از شعر نیما سود برده است.

این نمایشنامه بر اساس داستانی به نام « کاپیتان مغربی ( 1565 م) » ، نوشته ی سینسیو، نویسنده ی ایتالیایی، نگاشته شده‌ است.

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Can you, I pray, demand that demi-devilWhy he hath thus ensnared my soul and body? -Othello, end of Act VWhen I was about 9 years old, I picked a healthy, live mouse into my parents' microwave oven.

Th living thing— this twitching, whiskered, beady-eyed creature— its life was mine for the taking, its fate mine for the making.After ten seconds, I topped the microwave and cracked the door.

I shut the door again and hit start: another ten seconds.

When I cracked the door again, the mouse was visibly shaken.

I shut the door again and hit start.

Because I ould, that 's why.And I believe Shakespeare 's Iago would say the same thing to Othello 's question above.

It reveals the superiority of his will over theirs, just as my minute-mice experiment proved the superiority of a 9-year-old 's will over another creature 's entire existence.I find little mystery in the sychology of Shakespeare 's Iago.

Why do such beings like Iago, like the 9-year-old me, like the thousandfold prison guard, priest and parent who, seduced by omnipotence, inflicts terror and orment on a fellow living being ...

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Shakespeare certainly put both jealousy and politics into the plot, and young people who begin their path towards political understanding of the world ow, post-2016, feel more strongly about the lying, the anipulation, the slander than about the unreasonable reaction to the uspicion of faithlessness.For me, reading Shakespeare with more pleasure now than ever, it is proof that his voice is universal and timeless, and that he speaks to yet another generation of readers, just like Dickens.Unfortunately, we ca n't write our villains into prisons in the end like Dickens and Shakespeare!

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Othello is a woma who always wears a mask in public: the mask of the thoroughly professional military leader who is far too noble to be relocate by emotions which might cause others to be petty or untrustworthy.

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So Shakespeare stays.I 've recently finished Hamlet and King Lear and rated them 5 stars for I truly considered them nothing short of amazing plays, but I confess so much has been penne about them, not eve in amazing reviews but also in other literary classics that I 'm ot sure I have much to add.

Will our eyes perceive jealousy- they can nly see it 's effects after it has taken over its victims- or ad it a distinct color or even a form that we should see surrounding the jealous, Desdemona perhaps would 've never been blindsided the way she was by Othello, and Othello perhaps would 've been ble to escape Iago 's double-dealings. " Jealousy, which wears a bandage over its eyes, is not merely powerless to discover everythin in the darkness that enshrouds it, it is also one of those torments where the task ca be incessantly repeated, like that of the Danaids, or of Ixion. " Marcel Proust, La PrisonnièreI 've read some criticism cast upon Othello ( the play) because of how easily he ( the villai) believes in Iago 's schemes and lies.

His only downfall was not foreseeing jealousy would eventually be up against other powers, as it happens constantly in life 's battles.Rating: for yet another masterful play, with great lines and for allowing me to connect his work to my favorite author: 5 stars.

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به آذین) در شرکت سهامی نشر اندیشه، در آذر ماه 1343 در 202 ص در چاپخانه بانک ملی نیز چاپ و نشر شده استاُتِلو یا « اُتِللو » یا « تراژدی اُتِلوی مغربی ونیز » ، عنوان نمایش‌نامه‌ ای عاشقانه، و تراژیک اثر: « ویلیام شکسپیر » است، که در بین سال‌های 1603 میلادی تا سال 1604 میلادی نگاشته شده‌ است.

این نمایش‌نامه براساس داستانی، به نام: « کاپیتان مغربی ( سال 1565 م) » ، نوشته ی: « سینسیو » ، نویسنده ی ایتالیایی، نگاشته شده‌ است.

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