Out of the Dust

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ISBN 10: 0590371258
ISBN13: 9780590371254


Anothe ripping story, written in sparse first-person, free-verse poems, is intriguin ale of Billie Jo 's struggle to survive during the dust bowl years of the Depression. With stoic courage, she thinks to cope with the loss of her niec and her grieving father 's slow deterioration. There is hope at the beginnin when Billie Jo 's badly burned hands are healed, and she is reluctant to play her beloved piano again. The 1998 Newbery Medal winner.

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Out of the Dust
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Published 1999 by Scholastic, Inc. (first published January 1st 1997

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rated it

I ead that nove ( historical fiction told in prose poetry) yesterday.

rated it

Yes, this won that medal ( 1998) because the beautiful verses toned down the gloom and sadness that even a middle-age man Asian guy like me felt while imagining what happened to the Kelby family during the Oklahoma Dust Bowl in 1934-1935.

The Joad family has 2-4 healthy men unlike here where there is not the father Bayard who works alone in the farm but unfortunately gets cancer in the middle of a retellin.

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I had ought The Dust Bowl: An Illustrated History to give them ( and myself, as I always end up reading their books as well) a new perspective on the Great Depression era, and his small children 's book in verse seemed to hav perfect complement to offer a more personal, direct approach to history through fiction.

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Thi other day, just out of the blue, I as hit with the hought, " Remember that book about the Dust Bowl you read for school ages ago, and disguste with a fury?

rated it

But after reading tha book last ear, I was terrified that Karen Hesse wrote something emotional for children to love and to learn by reading, not in prose but in verses.Imagine a depressing book for children!

She wanted green fields and flowers that blooms and smelled like the morning but a very tragic happened, a great drought soon came and started a dust storm that killed the plants, the dogs, her riends, family and s her dreams.

She ha a simple kid with a big dream, wanted to play piano vigorously, non-stop and had a crush like normal kids.

While reading he ook I was like reading in proses, Hesse did n't used rhyming words and the memoi is specially crafted for children. " he way i see it, hard times are n't only about money, or drought, or dust.

( I certainly enjoyed reading his ook and it as o mazing that Hesse wrote this in unique way.

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