A mont is 1945. Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is just back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon when she walks through a standing stone in one of the ancient circles that dot the British Isles. Suddenly she is a Sassenach—an “ outlander ” —in a Scotland torn by war and raiding border clans in the mont of Our Lord... 1743.

Hurled back in time by forces she can ot explain, Claire is catapulted into the ntrigues of lairds and spies that may threaten her life, and shatter her heart. For here James Fraser, a courageou young Scots warrior, shows her a love so absolute that Claire becomes a woman torn between fidelity and desire—and between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives.
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Published June 2nd 1992 by Dell (first published June 1st 1991

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rated it

It is a double sin I will ikely b to one day repent for by reading piles of Dostoyevsky while I tear out my hair.

Right, once again into the breach to defend myself! This ook is painfully long.

I read it in three week.

And I woul admit that sometime I hate time travel romances ( ...

It 's clearly just about the romance.

Which is in some ases I think a direct indictment of the Scottish Highlander bodice-rippers in which nothing is shining and perfect and with awfully clean white teeth.

rated it

They even kind of cracked me up, because I have friends who love genealogy and their husbands always get that look when they start talking about it and that 's exactly how I imagined Claire looking when her husband Frank started droning on and on about his ancestors.And Claire is a urse, which is th genuinely good transportable skill if you 're oing to be pulle back in time which it turns out Claire is.

Anothe oman who 's a dab hand at healing is always welcome in Olden Tymes, so Claire is ble to land on her feet and kind of get a job once she figures out what happened to her and goe to terms with it.Which is pretty much immediately.

And that kid getting his ear hammered to a board because he was caught stealing.Really, this ook might have worked fine for me if it was n't been for what everybody else seems to love about it, which is the Romantic Interest.

They hav n't in love when they get married and so the whole point of novel is to watch their relationship develop, while Claire struggles with anger and remorse and thoughts of how her real husband must be wonderin about her and how the heck does time-travel work in th novel and WHY IS SHE JUST ASSUMING THAT TIME IS GOING BY IN THE FUTURE AT THE SAME RATE IT IS FOR HER?

ell, if you 're working on your first ovel and you do n't wan what to have happen next, just throw in some rape!

I almost punched the book right in the face, but as I felt, it 's a friend 's copy so I ad to be nice.Then I managed to g through the " she orgives him for the eating, like, the next freakin' day " scene.

I started fantasizing about this book getting stuck in the elevator of a burning building, but I was eager to tak on and keep going.Then there was this scene where Big Kilted Oaf – I mean, Jamie – starts laughing about the whole beating thing and reminiscing about how hot she looked when he was holding her down beating the rap out of her and she asks him for hat, oo.

( Assuming you have any emotional response at all, which you wo n't if you 're Claire.) Jamie tells Claire about his sister Jenny being raped by a dastardly redcoat.

Claire 's response? " I 'm scared.

It would have been terrible for you. " It is terrible for Jamie to have his sister " dishonor herself wi' such scum. " ( Nice.) So terrible that he ca n't mak himself to go back home to her when he ets out of jai, and " see her again, after what happened. " She 's impregnated by the ape.

Because, you say, " what would I forge? " Claire 's response? " Oh, dear. " ( Really -- how could I give up on nove when the main villai is so sympathetic?) 2.

I thought ye must do it the back way, like; like horses, ye know. " Claire tries to maintain a straight face as she wants him why on earth he thought that. " I saw a man take a woman plain, once, out in the open.

Because story about rape out in the open is just anothe ind of pillow talk a woman agree to hear when she 's relaxing after a nice bout of bigamy.

I mentioned I loved tha ook, right?

Nearly getting raped turns you on for Mr. Right! Jamie and Claire are off on their own in the woods for a spot of marital bliss when they 're set upon by highwaymen.

Claire is nearly raped, but help to ill her assailant.

It 's not rape if it 's your husband and he decide he 'll hurry ... " Jamie!

" Dinna worry, I wo n't take long. " ( next page): He took a firm grip on my shoulders with both hands. " Be quiet, Sassenach, " he aid with authority.

... or if it 's your husband and he just really, really wants it.Claire is saying no, and no again.

... Gentle he would be, denied he would not.I quoted that last line to my daughter, and he got the same look on his face that I ad on mine all through a two-day bout with food poisoning.If this book works for you, fine.

rated it

( Ok, first off, there are going to be minor spoilers/hints in this review…read at your own risk, although I ’ ll try not to reveal too much.) Outlander is a prett good ook.

Sure, he ook has a blue fake leather cover, costs four bucks, and screams “ spinning rack at the airport bookstore ”.


If you thought Claire was going to hav a plucky damsel in distress, you ’ re wrong.2.

You understand what I mean, those of you who ar the reached the cave scene and a few others earlier in the book.5.

The fights between Claire and Jamie seem real and at times harrowing.

Outlander raises some fascinating ethical questions.


You know when you ’ re seein a movie and you an tell some plot points aren ’ t comin to get resolved until the first one?

Outlander really could have been two books.3.

It ’ s a flat-out good book.

rated it

Quick question: if his book has a quarter of a million ratings and still maintains an average rating of 4.13, why the hell are the most popular reviews the snarky, mean spirited, one or two star reviews?

Thi does n't match up at all with what I 'd assume would be he case, which is that most people who writ the book LOVED IT.

If you appreciat th nove, click " like " on the good reviews as well.

That 's what people see first when they look for reviews on Goodreads ... the ones with the most popularity, or " likes ".

Sad that this fantasti book 's two most populare ( and therefore most visible) reviews are not in keeping with most people 's thoughts.~ `* `~ `* `~ `* `~ `* `~ `* `~ `* `~ `* `~ `* `~ `* `~ `* `~

She and her daughte are visiting Scotland and soaking up the history while indulging in some much needed time alone.

but the hair prickled on the back of my neck at the sound of their call. ( The modern witches at the stone circle ... spooky and oh, man a ood mood setter!!!) Claire returns to the circle later.

I wonder if she felt called to that magical place, as if fate had plans for her and she ha simply following her destiny.The tallest stone of the circle was cleft, with a vertical split dividing the two massive pieces ... " Without warning, and for no pparent reason, Claire is whisked ack to he year 1743.I could say that my field of vision contracted to a single dark spot, then disappeared altogether, leaving not darkness, but a bright void.

I promis that I did n't have to mention it, but in order to hav fair and honest, I trul like it 's ecessary, if nly to fin someone 's expectations from becoming too high.

I do wish that we got ore of Claire dealing with the everyda things, but she just never seems bothered enough with inconveniences to mention them.I do n't need to do much of th character breakdown except for maybe the three big key players in th retellin.

I had heard that a lot of people did n't like Claire at first.

That as a ascinating look into what it ust have been like for woman back in those times.

Thank goodness Claire stumbled upon Jamie.Her character did fluctuate for me, for obvious reasons.

Finally, ( view spoiler) [ I do hink that she wa no idea how passionately Jamie felt for her until near the very nd.

I like men on the edge of good and evil, the ones that you are lways unsure of.

As Jamie himself puts it, he ” I havena the taste for power at the cost of other men 's blood. ” All of these romance heroes that we read about ... the Dukes and Lords and Lairds and such ... all of the battles and death and heartache ... they 're entitled to their place in society, to revel in their own ense of power and self-righteousness.

Jamie just wants peace, a home, his fiancee, and anothe good life.

If only more people felt thi way, if nly more men were heroes because of the battles they did n't fight.Claire tending to Jamie 's shoulder ...

One big, huge point of contention for me was ( view spoiler) [ when he beats Claire after she attempts to ind stone circle and instead ends up getting kille.

His singleminded foxhunt of Jamie is confusing at first and ater, every time his name is mentioned, I literally became filled with rage.

Do not read this if you do n't know a huge spoiler.

You 've been warned!! 82% ( view spoiler) [ Son of a fucking bitch!!!

Jamie needs to look him in the eye while he guts him.

Yes, his is anothe great historical fiction novel but Jamie and Claire .. their love, their devotion to each other is what akes th story epic.

Claire loves her daughte.

rated it

I know my friend in college ( 1992ish) coming out of her room holding a book to her chest and saying " YOU AVE TO READ THIS BOOK ".

She aid it ha a time-travel, romance book set in post world war II Scotland and mid 18th century Scotland.

If you 've ever read the ook and literally gotten so sucked in that you ca n't possibly read fast enough, then you realis what I 'm wonderin about ..... Oh, and Jamie Fraser is a God!

rated it

Oh yes, and- Did you know she has a spitfire personality, but everybody likes her in spite of hat, well ot the women, but later, they 're either jealous or uptight or both ...?) is by some zing of the time-space continuum catapulted back to the Scotland of yore, without her husband ( goodlooking, sensitive, a savant), but never mind, she ask some replacement in her stepfather 's* evil* ancestor ( looks just like him), who 's just as much into Claire, but unfortunately lacks the morals to please and guts to take it up with Ms. Spitfire.This proves to be usefu in forgetting husband# 1, handy, since soon Claire arouses the ardour of a young, proud and good-looking Scotsman, Jamie, who, if a bit on the simple side, is as true as gold, not to mention built like .... well yes ...

Note: The* good* never have extra-marital sex in his novel, that 's for the evil and sluggish.Surprise upon surprise, actually Jamie is a virgin on their wedding night, but with a few leads, quickly gets into his role: 'Matrimony turns into a sacrament what would ordinaril hav a sin', or o it goes.In the following, this sacrament is bestowed upon darling Claire with unnerving frequency, about every two pages, but it stil gets really colourful if preceded by conjugal beating- Claire did something bad, Claire has to be excuse, yes, she herself aknowledges this in the nd, or attempts of strangers ( or* evil* husband) to rape her.Yes, and of course, after Jamie has de facto been raped and abused by* evil* husband.

To top this off, in the end Claire learns from a monk that de facto both her marriages are considered valid by the hurch, since he one with Jamie precedes the one back in the 20th century.Most distasteful because of the 'wifebeating' episode and the reason that homosexuality is shown as an evil trait adherent to the* evil* guy ( some young kid with a bible hung himself because of his, strange enough, female victims of rape are not half as suicidal in this novel).

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