Paranormal Hunters

An untrained witch. An orphan. A teenager looking for her place in a world that ’ s a lot smalle than she ever realized…

Sixteen-year-old Mirella ’ s life changes forever when a werewolf sniffs her out one night. Turns out that all the weird incidents that happened over the years when Mirella got upset or angry is actually because she has magic. She ’ s a witch, and she ’ s been recruited for the Magical Hunters Academy.

There ’ s no way she ’ ll ever turn that down, but eventually she earns that the school literally trains all sorts of magical beings to be hunters. No surprise there, but there are good paranormal creatures and evil ones.

Ones who want to be hunted.

ome who wan to be slayed.

When Mirella ’ s one human friend, a fellow orphan, and the orphanage is targeted by one of the evil paranormal creatures, Mirella is willing to do whatever it takes to hunt that bastard, but is she strong enough to handle this mission?
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Published July 24th 2019

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rated it

Mirabella has grown up in an orphanage for most of her life and nows her chances of finding family are not good.

rated it

I look forward to the ext ook and continue her growth and adventures!

rated it

Nicole Zoltack more than does this well.

rated it

Her best friend Valerie and her talk about what they must do when they age out.One day a couple come to see Mirella but as always something strange happens and it doesn ’ t work out.

rated it

Along comes werewolf and tells her about a school for magic people.

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