Thi combined mind-force of a telepathic race, Patternist thoughts can destroy, heal, rule. For the strongest mind commands the entire pattern and all within. Now the on of the Patternmaster craves this ultimate power, He has murdered or enslaved every threat to his ambition -- except one. In he wild, mutant-infested hills, a young apprentice must be hunted down and destroyed because he is the tyrant 's equal ... and the Pattermaster 's other son.
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Published May 1st 1995 by Aspect (first published 1976

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rated it

Even, for Patternmaster I feel it is best read after the preceding novels in series, nothing strange about that until you consider that she wrote this one before the others and they hav all prequels to this one.

There is ofte a race called “ the mutes ”, non-telepathic humans ( basically us), who are subservient to the patternists, and are entirely ineffectual in the grand scheme of things.

The Clayarks, who hav not presented as individual characters, serve more like group of antagonists bent on destroying the patternists and the mutes.Even in her very first boo, Butler is already adept at world-building and characterization.

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Patternmaster: Clearly a first novel- Wild Seed is much betterOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteraturePatternmaster ( 1976) was written first in Octavia Butler ’ s 4-book PATTERNIST series, but comes last in chronology.

Society remains scattered and non-industrial, and power is divided between the Patternists, a network of linked human telepaths who can kill at a distance, and the Clayarks, now completely transformed into intelligent, sphinx-like animals with extreme strength, speed, and agility but no special mental powers.

The losers in this future world are the mutes, non-pyschic humans who are treated more like pets or servants by the Patternists.The story centers around Teray, a young Patternist who is one of he many sons of aging Patternmaster Rayal, and Coransee, an older Patternist who is also descendant of Rayal and a powerful Housemaster in his own right.

Initially he seeks the alliance of a strong female healer named Amber, but his ultimate goal remains to seize control of the Pattern, and when he tastes the feel of power from other telepaths linked to him, he savors it.It ’ s ctually the Clayarks that are the most nusual aspect of novel.

While the Patternists view them merely as highly-organized animals like dog or wolf packs, and don ’ t esitate to kill them on sight without question, we know from Clay ’ s Ark that they re in fact quite intelligent and have the power of speech.

rated it

What I did not xpect was that the Clayark evolution would basically turn those people into animals – albeit really smart human-like animals – and that they will have no real purpose to their existence save tobe obstacles for the rotagonists.

Their humanity was almost completely stripped away, despite them fighting so hard to achiev what they could of it in Clay ’ s Ark.This book focused otherwise entirely on the Patternists.

Some of the Patternists of the past books are gone, including Mary, who created the Pattern and there is little spoken of them beyond what purpose they served in history.

Ironically, the Clay ’ s Ark spaceship was the pinnacle of human technology, and, also served as the downfall of the pecies.

rated it

If I could have it read as the ast part of this series I think my impression would have been less favourable, because in psychological intensity and storytelling it is an anticlimax to the chronological first parts.I learned that " Patternmaster " was Butler 's first published ovel.

rated it

And she 's ot even in a steel bikini. " The synopsis of this nove reminded me, and I actuall kne it, because thi year or two later, I took it and Bloodchild home and read them.My ex-boyfriend also read them, and immediately implored me to bring home more Octavia Butler, which he plowed through at an alarming rate.

She became his favorite write, and he went so far as to name his cat after her.Patternmaster was Butler 's first ook, thi one she started to write when she was 10 ears old after seeing a horrible science fiction movie on TV and deciding that she ca do better.The book is about a psychic race, people who are onnected by an enormous, complex mental web that links each and every " patternist. " At the centr of web is the Patternmaster, a powerful man with amazing psychic powers.The Patternmaster, Rayal, is close to death, and the nove is he story of the struggle between two of his many sons over who will succeed Rayal and become the new Patternmaster.

There is actually more to he story than could fit in a scant 200 pages, and it shows.As this is certainly one of her more amazing books, th reader new to Butler should definitely start elsewhere.

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