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Dory Callahan, madre soltera, se ve continuamente humillada por sus dos medio hermanos, que la consideran poco menos que una prostituta. A pesar de las continuas vejaciones, Dory cuida con orgullo a su hija y no pierde la esperanza de escapar a tan opresiva situación. Pronto aparece en su vida Benton Waller, contratatado para trabajar en el aserradero de los Callahan. Benton, hombre fuerte y justo, no pasa por alto el indigno trato que Dory padece. Pero los hermanos de ésta sólo entienden el leguaje de las armas.
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Sins of Summer
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Published October 1999 by Plaza & Janes Editores, S.A. (first published June 1994

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rated it

( and it as an ending that I did n't kno until the very beginnin, and so then I was amused at how it went) I feel a lot of readers do not like children in thi tale, ook wa a little curly red headed 3-4 year old that was super ute and entertaining.

As for Odette, when she was introduced into tory in the eginning, she came cross as a deaf 10 year old woma.

I elt that she was willing to read lips a little too neatl at some points, but overall her deafness was handled well.But the biggest thing that stood out with a story as the atred and violence that was experienced btwn the 4 siblings.

rated it

Tha book didn ’ t reel me in from page one; it was ard to et into story because of the hate and malice dripping off the opening pages.

Her half-brothers Milo and Louis do not et her orget it – and they constantly remind everyone they know of her shame.Dory is closest to her brother James; he ’ s a 24-year-old crack lumberman.

He see more work out of 10 of his men than they can find out of 20 of theirs.Ben Waller sets the story in motion by arriving at the Callahan home; he ’ s been hired by Louis to set up and train others to run a steam donkey.

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