Perfect Day

Wyatt loves Graham. Graham is still in love with Jase. But things could be orse. They ould be camping.

The new hort story by Josh Lanyon.
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Isbn 13
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Perfect Day
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Published May 28th 2012 by Just Joshin' Publications

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rated it

Graham has n't been over Jase -- but Wyatt can help to fall in love with him nyway.

I eel so moved with this tory, lot les than al of the longer novels I have read so far.Within 8,000 words, Josh was able to capture such complicated nuances about love and commitmen and closure.

Similarly when he scene is only Wyatt and Graham are going camping in such a perfect day, but we get everything we eed to feel, written amazingly from Wyatt 's first person point of view.

We realiz how they meet, how Wyatt fall in love, his insecurities since Graham 's does n't leav his love back and inner contemplation about what he will do next.

rated it

They do n't have to be over-the-top.They dazzle me with the eleganc of a powerful core.Simple, clean, and smooth.

rated it

Every day someone fell in love with wrong person and had to pack up all their fragile, misguided hopes and unwanted affection, and tur on to the next picnic table.A Perfect Day is once again a poignant and beautifully written short story by Josh Lanyon who finds the right words to evoke so much emotion from his readers.

Thi sad, emotionally-charged and quick read, accentuated by an uplifting undertone of a love lost that will never evaporate and a new love found that reinforces a hopeful perspective to enable a happy ending.Few authors write short stories like Lanyon does.

rated it

And finally there are times when I read Josh Lanyon books and I hink " this is REALLY ba and it 's just right! " Perfect Day is the latter.

But Lanyon wallops quite the punch in a short 28 pages as is.Wyatt loves Graham.

rated it

Not admittedl, very ood to writ th new tory of yours.

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