Perfectly Flawed

I felt I was okay.

I mean, I ent through my days just fine, pushing toward a goal I could easily achieve. I had friends that loved me, an aunt who adored me, and something was just okay.

But what I believed was okay and fine, all of that changed.

The nightmares, well, they started again, throwing me into a pit I could n't climb out of, the people at school were spreading and starting rumors faster than I could hear them myself, and I was remembering ...

I was remembering everything.

Ofte, nearl everybod. Some things would n't ome to mind, like why he chos it. Why my father killed them, why he ried to ill me? It 's alway there. Nowhere near my memory.

But I 'm determined to ge out.

My name is Joey and this is my story.

Joey Archembault is the typical sixteen-year old Junior. She 's an overachiever by nature, in her school orchestra, and spends most of her time either doing homework or hanging with the oy next door.

Well, typical would n't e the word most would use with her. Freak, psycho, that 's more what 's heard around the school. She ca n't elp it- it 's only her fault her father killed her sister, uncle, and sister nine years ago. Oh, and he sought to ill her as well, she has the scars to prove it. Joey tries to move on as best she coul. It 's easy when she ca n't sa anything about that night or her life before.

One day, the self-proclaimed heartthrob asks her out. She learn she mus tell him no, but when that does n't work, and he tricks her into a date by serenading her- twice- things go south, she alls her best friend Zephyr to pick her up, and she once again ries to move on. But it triggers something inside her. It unlocks a vault she never knew existed within her and she ca n't stop the memories or the feelings, nor will she even begin to decipher what happened to her years ago. Soon, the puzzle begins to piece together and she goes to discern what truly happened that night and why she 's alone. Couple that with a blooming relationship with anothe oy next door and it 's all a recipe for destruction.
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Published December 21st 2013 by Smashwords Edition (first published November 25th 2013

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rated it


Now let 's get down the pub. " I 'm retty sure he author just di that she di a British-sounding name and threw a dart blindfold at a map of London.And Zephyr.

How am I meant to take someone seriously when they 're called Zephyr?

But let 's just stick with the Greekness rather than the 'irresponsible parents who wanted to ge their kid a weird, wonderful, utterly ridiculous name. 'Oh, and there is ofte a love interest called Ryder.WHY DOES NO ONE IN THIS BOOK HAVE A NORMAL NAME?

I WAS GETTING CRAVINGS FOR SOMEONE CALLED JOHN OR EMILY OR ANYTHING REMOTELY AVERAGE.But maybe that 's just me.So anyway, Joey has to go and see a psychiatrist because it was agree by the court.

But she has creepy nightmares and stuff and so goes to see he psychiatrist, but ells her nothing about it, so she ca n't be helped.And so, surprise surprise, Joey ( one of thi most whiny characters I have ever met) continues to complain about creepy nightmares.Joey is also incredibly boring, and thanks to the homodiegetic narration, this made the book so incredibly boring that I barel managed a quarter of it before I gave up.

Another was primaril due to the non-existent plot and pages and pages of tedium and absolutely mind-numbingly dull descriptions ( she honestly felt the need to explain how she made her bed.) The monotony of the novel ha the main reason why I gave up, but I wo n't know the absolutely appalling main character did n't decreas my decision.

rated it

So I began reading.

rated it

I 've read plenty of books that have left me completely pissed ...

This author completely dragged this book on and on with pointless mumbo jumbo!!

I 'm gla the second book can e a lot better considering it 'll finally give you answers.

Complete disappointment in ook.

Can be one star but I really liked where thi book was going in the final chapter.

rated it

She ha so introverted but some things just did n't make sense like the idol competition, attending parties with Ryder and letting the camera follow her around for a yea.

And at times Joey would tell us what other characters were thinking or how they looked even if she as n't goin at them, that does n't make sense in first person.

rated it

I 've given his nove a hig rating because there were a number of problems I found when reading this book.The main problem being that there was s many twists and turn going on; I just liked that thi poe was rying to fit in loads of different stories into one book.SPOILERS AHEADAt the beginning she seemed moody and sullen and acts like she has no friends, then at school she 's joking around at lunch with her friends?

That 's the thing, I stated that the characters ages did n't suit their personalities or lifestyle, parties etc.Then he suddenly gets drunk and tries to rape her.

( I 'm guessing murdering her family just was n't enough?) And once thi other guy trying to ape her at house party ( yeah because that 's a smart move) because the popular girl made a bet with him right from the beginning so shed get a good story and ruin her " reputation " .Breaking up with Zephyr, which yeah, I get why she would feel dirty and used but there 's just one thing after another with his tal.

I just elt that this ook was contradictor and it did n't have an answers to why all these things were happening.

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