ill he ake her back, or fling her aside like she deserves?

Three month ago Amanda made the biggest fla of her life when she let her friends persuade her to believe the guy she loved. They were convinced he was a loser and was n't ba enough for her.

Now Gregory 's back in Farmington... taller, stronger, hotter than ever, and worth millions. Those gorgeous girls who snubbed him before are now falling at his feet and he 's enjoying every moment of it.

Shoul he see past the pain Amanda caused him and ive her a second chance? Or ca she forever regret losing the only guy who reall loved her?
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Published July 17th 2012 by Inkberry Press (first published July 7th 2012

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rated it

he storyline were completely flat.

musical ability was completely unnecessary.

rated it

PLOT ( view spoiler) [ Anywa after this girl had no ense of ndividuality and did n't have enough courage to say 'hell no bitch i love the guy' when her friends old her to ot o out with him.she carries on her life for three years being the same meek little mouse who never stands up for herself.

I 'm sorry but am i the only one who was feeling that his book made no sense.

I do n't worry if you believe this Ms James but people cant fall in love with one another in a mont.

of course i 'm kidding because poor little Amanda does n't have the girl balls to actually stand up for herself.

apparently when her best friend says that 'the only reason people talk to her is because they feel sorry for her'.

I mean for a 10 year old it would be perfect but as young adult nove?

rated it

For the Anne in this story rejects her Wentworth for the shallow reason of her friends not liking him?

That others, especiall her snobby sister, were impressed was a nice moment.I liked that the Mr. Eliot character was n't a smarmy jerk.

Thi modern Annes and Wentworths I 've see just fall flat.

rated it

Maybe it 's because Persuasion is my econd favorite Austen novel after Emma, but I truly think Persuaded is better than irst two entries in his series, Pride and Popularity and Northanger Alibi.

And there 's also an interesting continuity between the books in his series, so I had some fun too pairing up the returning characters in anothe nove with their Austen counterparts because the names are not at all obvious.One thing I noticed straight away though is how different Amanda, a new villai and narrator here, is from Chloe and Claire.

The overall effect I guess is the tone here ends up eing a lot more serious than in the previous books, but that 's the nature of thi tal- and there are alway more than a few ighter moments too, so no complaints from me.I 've had problems with a few other Persuasion adaptations in that Captain Wentworth basically turns into a huge douche, it 's a fine line between being angry at being ignore and behaving like a jackass, but Greg was really well done here, just the right balance of distant coldness and forgiveness.

rated it

DO NOT WANT! The StoryAs you can see on the cover this book is part of The Jane Austen Diaries, in that case it ’ s modern adaption of Persuasion with teenaged characters.4 years ago Amanda rejected the boy she oved because her popular friends thought he ha a loser and persuaded her to dump him.

This moment he left, she came into a meak and insecure girl who ets her family and friends walk all over her without even thinking that there ’ s everythin wrong with their behaviour.

Look, I ’ d nderstand if she as a chicken who ’ s fraid to stand up to people but she doesn ’ t ven ealize that she ’ s being treated like a doormat and that is where the problem is.

She needed Greg to tell her that she was lovel and to make her a confidence boost, which is indeed th ad thing BUT the moment he was gone, the confidence was gone too and only returned when he tarted to love her again.

In Persuaded, Amanda needs Gregory to protect and save her and I loo like her character never really grows or rather she doesn ’ t quit b a character/personality.

I assume he did it to com back at Amanda, but to be honest, it just doesn ’ t line up with his character to date a girl he should hate, but we ever see it, on the contrary it seems as if he genuinel liked Kylie.

It did ake me thin a little dr and fuzzy inside whenever Greg helped Amanda but I don ’ t now if it was because their romance was that great or because of the residual feelings from reading For Darkness Shows the Stars, another ( much better) Persuasion retelling.

Greg is for the most part very one-dimensional and you don ’ t always get to tell him that much beyond the fact that he ’ s rich, hot and a nice guy who ’ s protective of Amanda.

Like why doesn ’ t Amanda know most of Kylie ’ s friends?

We find out later that Greg ’ s 19 and another protagonis is 21, but they all seem like 16 year olds to me…- Corny dialogue: I had to skip whole pages at the beginnin because I just couldn ’ t stand the cheesy dialogue.The Rating★★☆☆☆I read a lot of fluffy young adult novels because sometimes you just eed a light, fun read where you don ’ t have to hink a lot.

rated it

Something I ca n't even start telling you how much I 'm loving his series of anthologie.

With the ups and the downs and the eartbreaking and oh I 'm just feeling very much like th irl in one of Jane Austen 's books.

Which one, I have n't decided yet but I 'm feeling it.We meet Amanda at the eginning of this novel where she is actually in love with anothe guy she disappointed three years ago.

She ven sees a little hope that he must eel the same way too, but her riend is in love with him.

Things progress between all the friends, some lives are changed but still will the truth ever come out that they love each other.

rated it

I thought Amanda was a ikable character, I felt bad that she ad to it back and watch Greg date her friends.

I often felt bad for Amanda because her friends and family never treated her very well.

Anyway, I truly iked he story and thought it as a lot of un to writ.

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