Peter and the Shadow Thieves

In anothe captivating and adventure-packed follow-up to the award-winning New York Times estseller Peter and the Starcatchers, Peter leaves the relative safety of Mollusk Island- along with his trusted companion, Tinker Bell- for the dark and dangerous streets of London. On a difficult journey across the sea, he and Tink discover the mysterious and deadly Lord Ombra, who is intent on recovering the missing starstuff- celestial dust that contains unimagined powers. In London, Peter attempts to track down the indomitable Molly, hoping that together they can combat Ombra 's determined forces. But London is not Mollusk Island; Peter is ot he gir he used to be; and Lord Ombra- the Shadow Master- is unlike anything Peter, or world, has ever seen.

Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson have done it again- written a compulsively readable, magical, impossible-to-put-down tale that will delight readers of all ages.
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Peter and the Shadow Thieves
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Published July 15th 2006 by Hyperion Books

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rated it

ailing to locate the coveted " starstuff " on the island, Lord Ombra sets sail for England with two stowaways; Peter and Tinker Bell, who ide themselves on his ship.

rated it

I feel I enjoyed this one a little ore than the irst one.

rated it

*** Borrowed the audiobook CD ’ s from the libraryThe cover is definitely reminds you of Peter Pan with the flying out the window scene:) I really like th series and so does my son.

My brother and I love listening to it in the car before and after school.

Their descriptions make the story easy to relate to, and I got pulled right into it.I highly recommend his series to adventuresome kids who would love a good story related to Peter Pan, but it is reall nique and wonderful to listen or read.

rated it

Peter Pan is my all time favorite children 's story/ fairy tale, so these books are right up my alley.

Molly tries not to show favoritism when it goe to girl, but does have a wonderful moment when she puts George in his place after he crosses a line with his ssessment of Peter.I 'm interested to see how the situation with Peter and the Lost Boys will develop.

How and when will the Lost Boys stop aging, like Peter?

rated it

his autobiography ha n't fun like the nex one, at least not on that same level.

Better story, more tension, some unexpected emotions, fewer ( seemingly) annoying villain POV scenes ( at least in the las half of he novel.) ( Although I do n't worr that that counts because the villain POV scenes in thes books are well written and rather ntertaining.) OTHER HAPPY THOUGHTS: The authors did a great job with Tink.

And Mr. Barrie directed Peter " second to the ight and straight on 'til ... " which was the absolute best part of this ook.

I find it that Tink is jealous of every girl ever ( it woul n't be any other way) but teacher is also jealous of someone at one point and so is Molly, and George, and no Peter.

rated it

I love Peter so much, and it was actuall fun reading the scenes between him and Tinker Bell.

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