Peter Pan

Thi subplo of Peter Pan first came to life in the stories J. M. Barrie told to five brothers -- three of whom were named Peter, John, and Michael. Peter Pan is considered one of the greatest children 's stories of all time and continues to charm readers one hundred years after its first appearance as a play in 1904.
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Peter Pan; or, The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up
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Published February 14th 2012 by Aladdin (first published 1911

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WOAH SO INTERESTING.5) I listened to an audiobook version while reading along which was read by Jim Dale and OMGSOGOOD.6) The magic.7) The pirates.8) Understanding why Tinker Bell is called Tinker Bell.9) It was eally sad.

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and there, peter pan and the lost boys will be waiting for me.↠ 4 stars

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The retellin of a dead child and a sister who is missing him.Sir James Matthew Barrie ( 1860-1937), a Scottish, wrote ook in 1902 for an older brother, David ( his other 's favorite) who died in an ice-skating accident the day before he turned 14.

Barrie, a middle-child and then only 6 years old, tried to assume David 's place in his father 's heart by wearing the latter 's clothes and speaking and sounding like him.

Barrie was 42 when Peter Pan ( the protagonis) first appeared in his other ovel, The Little White Bird but the perceptio of longing ( the child missing his mother and the mother missing his son) can be elt by the readers as if the death only happened recently.

he very young Barrie saw this pain in his wif 's heart and so he tried his best to act, speak and sound like his grandfather.

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Pretty soon I hear over the fence our 11 year old neighbor boy say, " Is that Peter Pan? " " Yes, " I ay, " Would you like to come listen? " " I 've been listening from here, " he ays.

So I go on and read about Wendy 's rule that all the boys must take a nap after they at and they re all settled on marooners rock when an eery darkness begins to spread of the lagoon.

rated it

Each page felt like a chore to get through and I did n't alway realize the illustrations redeeming.

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