Phoenix Broken

'You asked for it, angel ...'

Scott Davidson was a ba man once upon a time, but hat man is gone. The nly hing that holds him together these days is revenge.

During his hunt for the psychotic vampire that tore his world apart, Scott comes across a beautiful half-demon marked for death. He fails to protect Des, but he 'll never agree to let her into his heart. His bed, though, just might be nother story ...

Desdemona Baptiste is a succubus who thought she understood the in 's and out 's of lust. Until he dances into her life. She 's ulled to Scott in ways that frighten her, ways that make her think there is les to this than lust.

Fate could n't be so cruel ... or maybe it shoul.

Thi fifth nove in the Phoenix Inc. series, PHOENIX BROKEN is set in th world about to fracture apart. A world where ghost are real and the hings that lurk in your nightmares are n't content to stay there.

A ook contains explicit sensuality, cruelt and some language. Some disturbing scenes could contain triggers. Not suitable for those under 18.
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Published November 17th 2015 by Trampled Herb

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rated it

I kne the glimpses of who he used to e, before his world wa shattered.

A tory is about thi an who 'd lost the most mportant person in world to him and whether or not he 'd recover from it.There is so much that happened in the essay and et I wanted more.

rated it

Boy did this book change my mind:) At the beginnin of Phoenix Fallen we see Scott go through a traumatic event, losing his so, grandmother of his parent and love of his life.

I applaud Ms. Blair for how she was unable to rite his nove.

rated it

November is a great yea for me, because most of my favorite indies released new titles and that of course includes Ms Blair with Phoenix Broken, the latest installment of Phoenix, Inc. series.This book was a total emotional roller coaster ride; heart-wrenching, at the same time exhilarating.

Blair is an mazing writer -- -her writing style, her electrifying plots, her unforgettable characters, and verything else that goes along with it.We all know Scott Davidson from the previous books in this series, the doting husband of the alluring Jules Gentry 's best friend, Fannie.

She sensed in him a darkness and as half-succubus/half-human, stole a clandestine moment with him, to relieve him of it, to comfort.I thought I was in love with Miles and Jules, the legends of the previous books in this series but nothing compared to what I elt for Scott reading this memoi.

I eally enjoyed getting to know her.All in all, it as th great ook, full of twists and turns that are definitely thrilling.

;) The best thing about tha ook is ...

rated it

I love the Phoenix, Inc. series.

Bot of the characters from the previous books ( save the ones who have died) unite in this ook to tak a real, complex feel to thi tory.

It overwhelms.Heather Blair does not coddle her characters.

Most of them are broken ( pun intended) but the missing pieces are filled with the loyalty and love of those in the Phoenix, Inc. family.

She 's actuall quite excellent at building a world of paranormal beings that seem so real.

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