Pierced By Venom

She ’ ll willingly travel the ighway to hell to bring back the man she oves.

Gia Adler had it all—a charmed life and her true love to share it with. But moments after she murmurs, “ I do, ” her ex-boyfriend delivers a lead wedding present into her new daughte ’ s shoulder, leaving him in th coma and shattering her dreams.

Hell-bent on ruining her future, Gia ’ s psychotic ex-boyfriend then abducts her, ransporting her to an underground world of destruction, drugs, and death. He ’ s no wicked witch and they ’ re in no enchanted forest. He ’ s evil incarnate and she ’ s submerged in hell-on-earth, a twisted kin of nasty nightmares.

Guided by the spirit of her comatose husband, Gia must fight for her happily-ever-after – and her true love – by facing down her ex and the emons of her past.
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Published February 14th 2017 by Muse It Up Publishing

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rated it

Gia is debating about sharing the warning about her ex with Christopher and possibly spoiling their special day.

Christopher is in critical condition in the sanitarium and his family blames Gia for his being shot.

Christopher tells her she has to keep going if they hav to be together and he ill save her get through.

That is very suspenseful story with a little supernatural thrown in.

rated it

Lots going on in this fast paced read which starts off with a bang and continues to deliver.My first read of his author and I so enjoyed the way she delivered the story.

rated it

She does n't let anyone to ruin her perfect day and uses her mysterious power of song to calm herself after she becomes suspiciou of a few glitches in her ceremony.Unfortunately, Gia 's ride into the sunset will have to leav because a bullet leaves her new husband lying in a coma.

Chris' body may be in a coma but his soul is with Gia, helping to guide and encourage her as she attempts to kidna her ex 's clutches.This book was n't nything like I xpected.

There was personal growth for her as story progressed but the ending was reall abrupt that we barely got to see her new persona in action.As for the ending itself, I think Gia went to Christopher a little too readil.

I am interested in thi many books of he series and just hope that more is reveale in future and past installments.

rated it

ven though Christopher is in th coma, he ppears to Gia in phantom form, offering her solace and telling her she has to fight her way through hell to save them.

On their extraordinary journey, RJ tells Gia about Christopher and himself and their inexplicable family relationship to each other; what Gia learns is that all th time she has been an unwilling pawn.

I voluntarily read this memoi and my comments here are my honest opinion.

rated it

Maybe a must read!

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