Thi classic tale of mischance and mischief based on the original adventures.

A naughty wooden puppet gets into trouble, disobeys his father, forgets his pomises, and skips through life looking for fun. Just like a " real boy. " Until he remember that to become truly real, he must open his heart and think of others.
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Le avventure di Pinocchio
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Published August 1st 1996 by Puffin Books (first published February 1883

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( The Talking Cricket was a social conservative, apparently.) Later the magical fairy, a strange deus ex machina with blue hair and an even bluer temperament, is introduced as the ghost of a dead child.

Although the anonymous narrator states outright that peril and misfortune are the implication of bad behavior, Collodi makes Pinocchio 's adventures oddly exhilarating.

One wonders if the tory is less proscriptive than it is subtle lamentation of the freedoms we must surrender to become 'human. 'Collodi 's world is roubling, to hear the least.

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And indeed, while I do very much recognise the late 17th century morality tale aspects and that they are most definitely always present and accounted for in Pinocchio, for one, they reall are a sign of the times, of the twentieth century, and for two, as I hope to have shown above, there is most certainly and especially considerably more to Carlo Collodi 's children 's classic than that, that with Pinocchio, there are multiple layers of intent and thematics and yes, while if one only peruses the novel simply and without reading all too deeply and intensely, the educational, the message-heavy admonishments and criticisms do abound, below that there also rests and equally flows what I coul and will only call a critical appraisal and dissection of the same ( and frankly, for me, the by Collodi always and continuously presented arguments in Pinocchio regarding the power and importance schooling and education, these are not just the dictates of society, of family, but are actually and yes in fact also a way that young can, if they believe the latter as something inherently positive and important for their own personal development and self growth, an important and necessary tool and a resource to advance themselves and even perhaps end up having power and influence over and above society and the generally quite restricting moral mandates imposed by it, in form of family members, teachers and other similar authority figures.And finally, if you are oing to be reading Carlo Collodi 's Pinocchio in the Penguin Classics edition ( which I do very much recommend), I coul strongly suggest that you do NOT read Jack Zipes' excellent and informative introduction until AFTER you have actually finished perusing the novel itself, so as to avoid possible spoilers ( and frankly, I personally do wish that Penguin Classics and other such series of classic literature would consider not having the analyses of the featured novels etc.

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I expect I shouldn ’ t eel so strongly about a children ’ s book character from two centuries ago but PINOCCHIO IS LITERALLY ABOUT TO CATCH THOSE HANDS.

;) onetheless, Pinocchio and his unfaltering ways were a pain in the ass to read about: He literally gets Gepetto into prison, then sells Gepetto ’ s only coat to attend a fucking puppet show ( talk about questionable life choices), he believes two strangers who tell him of a Field of Miracles where you can bury your gold and overnight it will multiply ( guess what happens, Pinocchio buries his last gold only to reveal it gone the next day… who would ’ ve thought?) and then he just continues to disrespect every elderly person who decides to give him a piece of advice.

The tone is way too preachy ( don ’ t lie, stay in school, be nice to your parents, work hard, bla bla bla), Pinocchio way too annoying, there ’ s so much senseless violence in the story and in the beginnin, the final message that is pushed ( when Pinocchio after being reformed turns into a proper boy) just pisses me off.

Children literally shouldn ’ t have to change who they are ( what makes them unique), they ca change their actions if they 're disrespectful but that ’ s it.

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Outside of religious texts, The Adventures of Pinocchio is the most translated book in thi world.

Carlo Collodi 's original 1883 text reads as sparkling and fresh as anything published today.

Collodi had an extremely clear vision for what Pinocchio was meant to represent and his metaphors always work.

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2,7 StarsSeriously, I alway felt the real story of Pinocchio would be somewhat cruel and violent like this.

I don ’ t want it is necessar for children when it ’ s known as a classic story for children.

Maybe, what ’ s wrong with these classic authors for children literature?

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That as a challenge and a treat — reading the original tal of Pinocchio in Italian!

I as also surprise to laughter when we meet Grillo-Parlante, the Talking Cricket who becomes Jiminy Cricket in the ovie, and Pinocchio immediately gets tired of his advice, throws a hammer at the cricket, and smashes him flat against the wall, killing the poor insect instantly.

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Sentence structure and word choice are often juxtaposed and arranged in ways that you normally don ’ t com to see when reading things originally written in English.

Part of his is probabl due to the translator as they struggle to preserve the story in its original form, and part of it is due to the act that ften there is obviousl not an analogous term for certain words or phrases.

And I ’ m ind of like a giant kid.

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