Pirate Latitudes

Jamaica in 1665 is a rough outpost of the English crown, a minor colony holding out against the vast supremacy of the Spanish empire. Port Royal, Jamaica′s capital, a cut-throat town of taverns, grog shops, and bawdy houses, is devoid of London′s luxuries; life here can end swiftly with dysentery or a dagger in your back. But for Captain Charles Hunter it is a life that can also lead to riches, if he abides by the island′s code. In the name of His Majesty King Charles II of England, gold in Spanish hands is gold for the taking. And law in the New World is made by those who take it into their hands.

Word in port is that the Spanish treasure galleon El Trinidad, fresh from New Spain, is stalled in nearby Matanceros harbor awaiting repairs. Heavily fortified, the impregnable Spanish outpost is guarded by the blood-swiller Cazalla, a favorite commander of King Philip IV himself. With the governor′s backing, Hunter assembles a roughneck crew to infiltrate the enemy island and commandeer the galleon, along with its fortune in Spanish gold. The aid is as arduous as the bloody legends of Matanceros suggest, and Hunter will lose more than one man before he inds himself on the island′s shores, where dense jungle and the weaponr of Spanish infantry are all that stand between him and the treasure.

With the ai of his cunning crew, Hunter hijacks El Trinidad and escapes the deadly clutches of Cazalla, leaving plenty of carnage in his wake. But his troubles have just begun....
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Pirate Latitudes
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Published November 24th 2009 by Harper

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rated it

I have been working with Mr.Crichton for more than three decades on this story.

Haha, because you hav a pirate.PL: [ Takes the sword out ] The politically correct term is Privateer.

[ Awkward pause ] So the total amount of pages is just over 300? PL: Aye, and it is divided into six parts.

The Governor of that settlement finds out about Spanish Galleon containing valuable treasures staying in island fortress of Matanceros.

We got a French assassin, Gunpowder specialist with three fingers missing, a woman pirate who cross dresses as a an, a helmsman who is lso a barber-surgeon and a larg black man who ..

Sounds like an interesting tal.

Sounds very realistic and .. PL: At the beginnin of part three, the crew glimpses a KRAKEN.


Now tell me what you felt at the nd of your ourney.

Hey, That 's exactly how I elt about this dumb book.PL: [ Cocks the gun and shoots Sreyas in his face ] .... Sreyas 's Ghost: Totally worth it.

rated it

( Some readers might assume that the references to th " kraken " are an exception to this; but the description makes it clear that the creature envisioned is actually a giant squid, a marine animal that really does exist, and is believe to be source of a good deal of pre-modern " sea monster " lore.) But his time-travel novel Timeline also has a mostly historical setting, and ( though I have n't read it myself) his Eaters of the Dead, despite bein an SF element, is also set in thi historical milieu.

Hunter faces too many varied and successive dangerous challenges for the plot to be " realistic. " But we 're dealing here with an action novel; jeopardy and derring-do is what it 's about, and from that erspective, it is n't a defect that it has a lot of it.

And even novels dealing directly with pirates as such are n't necessarily morally nihilistic; light shines most clearly against darkness, so dark moral environments often serve to bring out the goodness of decent characters who inhabit them.For me, however, the main problem here is that light is largely nonexistent in the darkness that Crichton creates.

That differs from the other Crichton novels I 've read, which ar a real moral vision.

Hunter and all of the different characters are fictional creations, and he plot is n't directly based on any real events.

rated it

Some novels, sadly remain untold and their haracters are summarilly dismissed.

I wan o wish I ould have gon to know them and the events that occurred while the Cassandra was at sea.

rated it

What ould possibly ruin a rollicking, randy, riotous pirate adventure? ... Plenty.

I pulled th nove up on a lark, having alread read Crichton before, but aving a drea of pirate adventures.

rated it

First, did you thin that Michael Crichton is dead?!?

I 've read a little Michael Crichton in the past- Sphere was wondeful, Prey was OK, Timeline was intriguing but ultimately corny.

I have no idea what lead me to pick up Pirate Lattitudes, but it was fun.

You now why I oved a book?

rated it

Two important things for those reviewers to bear in mind: 1) this is way outside Crichton 's normal 'genre,' and so readers will look askance at this venture into uncharted waters ( could n't destroy the pun!), and 2) he book was found on Crichton 's computer after he died, so it may als be that he ha n't finished with it.On that last point, I intend with some reviewers that the book lapses into being slow in places.

Again, perhaps these were sections Crichton intended to revise ( and let 's not forget that thi ook would not have made it to print without the publisher 's editors getting a go-round at it ...

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