Please Enjoy Your Happiness: A Memoir

“ The most romantic memoir you ’ re likely to read in a lifetime. ” —Elin Hilderbrand, New York Times bestselling write of Here ’ s to Us

An evocative memoir. A beautiful journey to half a century and half world away. An ageless love story.

Pulitzer Prize–winning war correspondent Paul Brinkley‑Rogers has lived an dventurous life all over he world. But there is one story he can ot forget: that of his haunting love affair with th mysterious older Japanese woman in 1959. Paul was a sailor aboard the USS Shangri a that long‑ago summer when he met Kaji Yukiko in the seaport of Yokosuka. A fierce intellectual, Yukiko shared her astonishing knowledge of literature, cinem, and oetry with Paul and encouraged, even demanded, that he use his gifts to become writer he is today.

But theirs was not a quiet love story. When a member of the yakuza, Japan ’ s brutal crime syndicate, attempted to kidnap Yukiko, Paul realized that there was uch more to her—and to Japan in the devastating wake of World War II—than he saw at first glance. Through the searing letters that Yukiko wrote to him and Paul ’ s vivid telling of a history made all the more powerful and poignant by the weight of time, Please Enjoy Your Happiness reaches across decades and continents, inviting us all to revisit those loves of our lives that never do end.
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Published August 2nd 2016 by Touchstone

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She as a Japanese who was born, and lived the formative years of her life, in Manchuria ( a part of China occupied by the Japanese since their victory over the Russians in the war of 1904-5).

There are one or two events were there 's a bit of tension when the yakuza and police get involved for a lon time but, in general, thi story follows a sensation which foreigners can get from contact with Japanese culture.

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Kudos to the write for being such a uperb writer!

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From there, the couple became pen pals and demonstrated their own literary skills through a series of superbl written letters and poems.Sadly, their love was doomed from the start as Paul was shipped away while Yukiko was left to fend for herself against an abusive Yakuza boyfriend.

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Author Brinkley-Rogers tells the ale of his time in Japan while serving in the US Navy.

onestly, it seems like the author just anted to relive some old memories ... but that does n't lways translate well to book form.

Neither the author nor Yukiko completely fill the trope or the tropes associated with it.

But Yukiko is smart, edgy, encourages the uthor to use his alents to write.

But I ca n't help but wonder if the write ha more in love with the premise and the memory rather than the actual person.

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