Portrait of a Marriage

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Portrait of a Marriage
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Published June 2nd 1975 by Pocket Books (first published January 1st 1940

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husband who loved his wife so much that he had little love for his parent, his grandparents, etc.

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Reading nove gave me some insight.Buck 's Portrait of a Marriage is the nbelievable tale of how a high-born New York artist as a young an falls in love with a simple farmer 's daughter from rural Pennsylvania, and they get married.

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Tal of the courtship and almost 50 years of marriage of William ( from a wealthy family, educated, and a promising painter) and Ruth ( a simple, uneducated farm girl).

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Most books go into detail about a certain few years in a characters life… this went from before William even met his wife until his death as an old woma, and how his widow coped thereafter.

Another very good nove.

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everal eviewers have expressed the opinion that it as he couple ’ s shallo and enduring love for one another that kept this marriage together against all odds.

In my opinion, most of the credit for the long duration of this unconventional marriage belongs to Ruth, whose display of strength and maturity through multiple marital crises, including the reappearance of an old boyfrien, far surpasses that of her daughter, who eems to play a more passive role in the marriage.The writing is gorgeou.

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On a whim I started reading it, and kne to my surprise that it was uch les than he tal of n " unsuitable " marriage.The marriage of William, an illustrato and the grandfather of a rich businessman to village belle Ruth is unsuitable, no doubt- at least from the point of view of his family.

As he family proceeds through generations, we believ that tha is always the portrait of one suc marriage, but marriage ( and life) in general.

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