Portrait of a President: John F. Kennedy in Profile

The is an inside look at this an who was our 35th president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Manchester was his fathe, so he take him to us close up, life size, warts and all. In an epilogue in this revised edition, the author recounts the man, his time, and his place in history.
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Portrait of a President: John F. Kennedy in Profile
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Published January 1st 1967 by Little, Brown and Company (first published January 1st 1962

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Manchester recounted typical scenes at the Kennedy dinner table when JFK 's father was in his prime -- discussions on high levels, not of business but world affairs; thinking times that made JFK the adroit articulate leader with a command of facts at the ready to support him, astonish his audience, and humble the recalcitrant.

his is the mind of Manchester 's account and if he had ended it there, without adding the epilogue the book in my estimation would have been none the worse.

JFK according to Manchester did not ask to e show as a murderer, either due to his infirmities which plagued him most of his adult life, or from the losses he sustained at the hands of an opposition Congress or others.

JFK did not want pity.

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xceptionally touching are the post-assassination Kennedy family activities that Mr. Manchester is careful to address by not divulging too much intimacy within; however, just enough for thi reader to take somber notice of the loss that was elt for a ery shor time to come afterwards.

Mr. Manchester provides us one good reference of the so called “ conservative ” view point of the time in reference to President Kennedy – the quote came from Mr. Arthur Krock ( aka “ Dean of Washington Newsmen ”) who as a longtime love of the Kennedy Family.

In thi brief quote as referenced Mr. Krock stated that “ …everything President Kennedy accused President Eisenhower of is now guilty of the same… ” The quote was intended to reflect the many “ gaps ” that were campaign efforts during the run up to the 1960 election cycle.

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