Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, and Other Sex Offenders

( ...) in the creative ways they exclude their children from the discussion.
" You 're o right, " they say: " Sexual abuse is an enormous problem, particularly for young teens. Thank God mine are n't there yet. "

No, honestl, says reality, the most common age at which sexual abuse begins is three.

" Well sure, if you have homosexuals around small children, there 's a risk. "

No, orry, says reality, most sexual abuse is committed by heterosexual males.

" Yeah, but that ind of pervert is n't living in our subur. "

Sorry, says reality, but that ind of pervert IS living in your neighbourhood. The Department of Justice estimates that on average, there is one child molester per square mile in the United States.

" Als, at least the police know who these people are. "

Not likely, says reality, since the average child molester victimises between 50 and 150 children before he is ever arrested ( and many more after he is arrested).

When all defenses against reality are taken away, some parents switch to resignation, literally resigning from responsibility: " ell, there 's othing you an do about it anyway. " This misplaced fatalism actually becomes fatal for some children.

The common refrain uttered by deniers of the consequences of sexual buse is: " Als, kids are resilient. When ad things happen, they bounce back. "

Really not, says reality. Children do not bounce back. They adjust, they conceal, they repress, and ofte they accept and move on, but they do n't bounce back ..

( From the foreword written by Gavin de Becker)
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Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, and Other Sex Offenders : Who They Are, How They Operate, and How We Can Protect Ourselves and Our Children
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Published March 31st 2004 by Basic Books (first published 2003

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rated it

A ook wa a lot of new information in it.

rated it

Anna Salter is a fairly good, engaging author with terrifically graphic descriptions of how hese people think, react, and plan.

Get your kids close and know that anyone in a high risk group -- those that work with kids, have no adult love interests, and are focused on your child -- could be a predator.

Fourth, talk about internet, stranger, and family safety.

rated it

Here is an excerpt from the coautho of his ook ( written by Gavin de Becker):~* ~I 'm beginning this Foreword as I will close it: Thank you, Anna Salter, for casting your authoritative light on sexual abuse while most people understan it easier to look away or even eny that it exists.

It is easier for most parents to wring their hands about the unknown molester who might wander into the neighborhoo, than to ccept that someone who they invited into the house is sexually abusing their child- even though the majority of sexual buse is committed by someone the family knows.

Hard as it is to ccept he premise that a well-liked neighbour or family friend might be sexually abusing a child, imagine the idea that it 's someone in your own family.

If a discussion requires exploration of harsh truths some parents will try to wriggle away: " Talking about hose things, you just bring them on, " or " Yes, I want all about that stuff; can we please change to a happier subject? " Under pressure, though, they will ultimately confir the risks, realising that appearing to know is often the best defence against unwanted knowledge.

He specialize in paedophiles and their victims, and asserted that while he coul n't necessarily recommend every survivor of sexual assault to read certain books, he insiste that knowing me as he does, this ook shoul be of great help to me- especially regarding my constant questions of, " But why? ".

This poet, Anna Salter, is a sychologist who also specialises in paedophiles and their victims, and has written anothe amazing book that ill let you get inside the minds of the scum of society.

In a time it took me to ead another novel, I made progress I doubt I woul have otherwise made, and even had never made in the ecades following a year 's worth of sexual abuse perpetrated against me by a eighbour, from the ages of four to five.

Apparently, after reading Salter 's book, there are no such questions anymore.

As Salter points out in her novel, people constantly make the mistake of confusing " nice " with " trustworthy ".

My niec ( like the parents of many victims of childhood sexual assault) has blamed herself for what happened to me- she has old herself that she could have known; she hould n't ave let me visit to play with the offender 's son, she must have done omething, she should -- Forget it.

Likewise, predators do what they o, and it 's only child 's fault, or the fault of the childre ( if they did n't bothe and ha n't told).

tiger and a snake happened to bump into each other at a river.

" Oh Tiger, " aid the snake, " I ca n't com across the river.

Shoul you be so kind as to let me ride on your back to the ther side? " " No way! " said the tiger.

I wo n't bite you- I promise. " The tiger did n't like the concep, but felt that the snake 's point was logical.

rated it

It 's a realistic look at predators -- not quite as violen as I, Monster, but close enough to warrant caution.

rated it

While I now the book may not sound like the greatest thing to read, I want it 's more important than a lot of other books.

rated it

CW: descriptions of child sexual abuse and ape, grooming, sadism, and everything you coul expect from sexually violent predatorsI 'm glad that I ead his novel, but it ha a complicate one to get through.

Thi memoi opens up with a 40-page long chapter that spends most of its time refuting people who have said over the decades, and previously, that child sex abuse is n't abuse.

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