Jared Thomas has lived his entir life in a small mountain town of Coda, Colorado. He ca n't imagine living anywhere else. nfortunately, the only other gay man in town is twice his age and used to be his teacher, so Jared is resigned to spending his life alone. Until Matt Richards walks into his life, hat is. Matt has just been hired by the Coda Police Department, and he and Jared immediately become friends. Matt claims he is straight, but for Jared, having a sexy friend like Matt is way too tempting. Facing Matt 's affair with th local man, his disapproving family, and violenc from Matt 's co-workers, Jared fears they 'll never ge a ay to be together-if he can only convince Matt to try.

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Published January 8th 2010 by Dreamspinner Press (first published January 7th 2010

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rated it

** 11/12/18- Well, thoug, his ook does n't put up over time.

I 'd probably rate it maybe around 3 stars now.

I writ that book ears ago, and it 's almost 9 years old.

Such an exquisitely sweet book.

rated it

The confrontation of the story revolve around the issues of being out or staying in the bathroo, struggling with homophobia, denial, unrequited love, and later relationship problems.Jared is kind of pseudo-out.

He could live with that, but ( view spoiler) [ eing seen with a man by his side, being openly in a relationship is oo much for him, and he panics.

You said this was what you anted, but stil you ’ re the one who can ’ t face it! ” ( hide spoiler) ] Thi story is a complicated maze of feelings and struggle.

( view spoiler) [ Is it real that Matt is so deep in denial that in one moment he touches Jared passionately and in the other moment he abhors being touched by him?

( hide spoiler) ] The RomanceTruly wonderful: a solid friendship slowly turning into love.The CharactersDebatable and ambiguous, but aybe for that very reason they are believable.The PlotThe formation of Jared and Matt ’ s relationshi and the slow development of their feelings for each other make the love story engaging.

I liked he same about ( view spoiler) [ Jared ’ s self-sacrifice ( hide spoiler) ] surprisingly, plus it was melodramatic.Writing StyleCaptivating, a really unputdownable book.

rated it

I expect I may have been cheating a little because I ’ ve already read Strawberries for Dessert ( fantastic story) before picking Promises up, but it felt good still to see Cole and the sort of relation he and Jared shared.Matt is straight.

They spend some time together but they oth feel lonely and Jared the most since he had helplessly started to feel fully attracted to Matt, the handsome straight guy.What I loved he most while reading his novel is anticipating the moment both men ill be true to their eelings, accept and entirely exploit them—in the good and enjoyable way.

While story didn ’ t ompletely feel believable, the setting and characters were, without any doubt.Jared started off being my favourite character since we have his point of view and he ’ s the great but shy guy, so I felt connected to him without even trying.

rated it

And finally in walks Matt, wanting to buy their jeep, and they ave an instant connection.Jared works at the family 's hardware turned automobile shop, where he is co-owner with his father, Brian, and ister in law, Lizzy.

Jared has a doctorate in teaching, but does n't wis to act on it due to the stigma of eing a gay teacher.

But it an not be more than friends, even though Jared wants it to hav, afterall, Matt 's not gay, or mayb he find himself ... I am finall becoming addicted to audio-books, and because I 'm coming to a different college this year, I have a two hour drive each way.

There were also no pauses between scenes, so I fee like it was skipping all the freaking time.

I could educe it more though, but I definitel enjoy just closing my eyes, not paying attention to anything else, and just listening to the story.I have also listened to Hot Head by Damon Suede, and I, by far, preferred Promises.

sortof a surprise, I new they would end up together etc.), like I did n't understand that he as a cop until I was old in thi tory.

he irst scene we see, is where Matt and Jared meet- Matt wants to buy Lizzy 's ( Jared 's sister in law) car.

Without insta-love, their relationship wil grow and prosper, and I so enjoyed thi slow development of Matt and Jared 's relationship.

In fact, it ’ s lookin to e to cold tonight, our only hope for survival is for you to share my bag. ” He laughed a little at that, obviously, but agai he pulled his shirt off, and it as all I ould do not to stare.I also enjoy realism in my tories, where I sa that they shoul actually happen ( not necessarily for me, but for someone.

* fingers crossed* for my next life though.) The only things I fel were mother f* cking stupid was where ( view spoiler) [ Cherie 's ex-husband murdered Cherie and wrecked Matt 's apartment and Jared 's house, and then shot Jared.

Of course, I asked that I sometimes talked while dreaming, and I dared to sound very casual as I wanted, “ What did I wan? ” I was hoping like hell it had n't been about him. “ You said, ‘ let me ollow it ’, and I sai ‘ follow what? ’, and you though, ‘ the trail ’. ” I turned away so he would n't see me turning red and said, “ I was dreaming about mountain biking. ” When they 're ctually together, it 's f* cking adorable! I grabbed his hips and pulled him over to me.

Eventually he froze and seemed to be holding his breath as he wanted, “ Oh Jesus, I ’ m sorry. ” “ Don ’ t be. ” It felt wonderful, actually.

I could ’ t hang on much longer. ” “ If I ove an inch, I ’ m comin to come. ” “ I hink that ’ s the point. ” I anted to punch Matt 's dad 's lights out though.

Bigoted idiot.I did n't like when ( view spoiler) [ Matt did n't talk to Jared for near two months though, ( hide spoiler) ] hence the other .25 drop in my rating.I loved the humour that was encompassed in all of it.

rated it

: :crickets: :Not me, because his book rocked the F-ing house!!!! Why have n't I writ the essa before now?

I think Mama just found a new crack because this book made me feel to one-click the entire Promises series at 3:30 am.The characters?

rated it

I have n't looked back.Not long ago, I saw that a 2nd edition was being published with a requel that takes us back to Jared 's college days, so I happily bought the new edition.Visiting with Jared& Matt again was like getting to visit 2 old friends.

rated it

Promises is told through Jared ’ s point of view as he enter and falls in love with Matt, a person he elieves will never be more than just his great friend.

his ha anothe ONDERFUL romance story that delivered on so many levels.

Both Matt and Jared were great characters, I just like them.

I oved how thi story unfolded over many year as it gave so much authenticit and believability to the romance.

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