Promises Under the Peach Tree

The trouble with Heartache

Nina Spencer swore she was done with Heartache, Tennessee, when she left the town—and her sexy ex, Mack—in her rearview mirror. But when her bakery business is rocked by scandal, she needs a place to regroup. What she does n't eed is Mack Finley reminding her of peach-flavored kisses and the hold he still has on her.

Mack never forgot Nina—not that he did n't try. Yet between caring for his family and organizing the annual Harvest Fest, he 's overwhelmed and he needs Nina 's help. They an work together without getting swept up in memories and the rush of brand-new passion…right?
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Published September 2nd 2014 by Harlequin (first published September 1st 2014

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rated it

After being left with her Gram by her parents when they marrie and went their separate ways and then thinking she found forever love with Mack Finley only to have him refuse to leave home and come with her, left her in quite a state.

They hav n't ven sure they should try, but old feelings flame back to life and they are left with feelings of longing even knowing that Nina wants a family and Mack will never ave one for fear that his other 's disorder will be past on.

So they take what they ave while guarding their hearts and work hard to give this the best harvest festival the town has seen.Meanwhile, another tory of young love and a troubled girl brews in the background.

ill she ind lovin and support she needs to find her from running away? Alright, so tha one as an emotional story that touched on some deep themes: mental health disorder, divorce, separation, death, fear, abandonment.

Nina, by running away from her problems, left herself in limbo as the ears passed.

Presentl, hearing the other side of he retelling and seeing everything through adult eyes, she is inally willin to gain perspective and heal.Mack, too, wer some arrested growth going on even though in most ways he was more grounded than Nina back in he day because of all he had to ge through with his father.

I felt like he write wante a onderful job of not only writing a teenage perspective, but one of woma struggling with mental health issues and the falling apart of her family.I was n't expecting all these elements in his tory, but was glad to have them.

rated it

I enjoyed seeing Nina Spencer and Mack Finley rekindle their friendshi, ended with the tragic death of a riend in their twentie.

Mack enlists Nina 's help in chairing the food committee for the festival.

Mack 's niece Ally is experiencing the first blush of young love for fellow teen Ethan Brady, a steady, well-liked young man who find those in need and is discerning where dating is concerned.

Rock doesn ’ t back down from this topic; she makes both Mack, who ’ s sworn never to have children so that there ’ s no chance he passes on his other ’ s bipolar genes, and Ally face the fact that it ’ s possible Mrs. Finley ’ s grandchildren could inherit her problems.

he assertio that Ally chooses to herself, that she ’ s strong enough and determined enough to et the hel she needs to g back on track, attests to that as much as Mrs. Finley ’ s turnaround by the beginnin of memoir.

Another one thing I was unsatisfied with at the beginnin of he novel was Scott and Bethany Finley ’ s unresolved marital issues.

rated it

There are lots of issues for the respective families to work out, as ofte as the issues between hero and heroine.

rated it

When the heroine went back to their hometown, their love story is given nother chance to grow.For a category romance, his ook is truly sweet without being cheesy.

rated it

I gaine thi copy in exchange for honest reviewI loved this ook, one of the best romance books I read in shor time.

Well they communicated with each other, they talk a lot and I liked that part of their friendshi as they elt like they could talk to each other and did n't just avoid issues.

Their relationship did n't went smooth and they had some toug times, but they both worked on it.Then there was he small town setting.

I adore watchin how being back into Heartache influenced Nina and Mack.

Thi setting really added to he tal and I loved imagining this little town and outstretched orchards.To conclude: this is one of the best romance books I read in shor time.

he romance is well down and I was routing for Mack and Nina, I also oved that they actually talked with each other and there was no miss communication.

rated it

I think Joanne did a great job with this.I did feel though that Mack and Nina took a tad too long to overcome all the obstacles and find their way to each other.

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