Property of the Rebel Librarian

When twelve-year-old June Harper 's parents discover what they deem an inappropriate library book, they take strict parenting to a whole new level. And everything June loves about Dogwood Middle School unravels: librarian Ms. Bradshaw is suspended, an author appearance is canceled, the library is gutted, and thes books on the premises must have administrative approval.

But June ca n't make up books... and she feel she does n't ave to when she spies a Little Free Library on her walk to school. As the rules become stricter at school and at home, June keeps turning the pages of the banned books that continue to appear in the little library. It 's a delicious secret... and one she ca n't ge to herself. June starts a banned book library of her own in an abandoned locker at school. The risks grow alongside her library 's popularity, and a movement begins at Dogwood Middle -- a movement that, if exposed, could destroy her. But if it 's powerful enough, maybe it can save Ms. Bradshaw and all that she represents: the freedom to read.

Equal parts un and empowering, this novel explores censorship, freedom of speech, and feminis. For any kid who doesn ’ t elieve one person can effect change…and for all the kids who already know they can!
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Published September 18th 2018 by Random House Books for Young Readers

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rated it

She 's smart and funny- the well-behaved child who never causes trouble who suddenly finds herself running an illicit library out of an empty locker and supplying banned books to her middle school classmates.

rated it

Coul that be fair? What if you got in major trouble for even having a book that was not endorsed by the school?

When she checks out a book from her school library that her parents deem inappropriate, it starts a snowball effect of bad things.

First, an amazing librarian is put on administrative leave; second, a majority of library books were hauled out of the school library; and secon, kids are getting suspended for even having an unapproved book in their possession.

Most importantly, will June be able to brin th difference with her arents, the school system, and the PTSA?

Will books still be banned or will June and all of the other students be able to read what they ant?

rated it

The remise was promising; June, a seventh-grade girl rebels when her both parents and the school she attends embark on a book censorship program.

While I do ealize that was, erhaps, the point ( a little junior Fahrenheit 451?) I personally need a ook to be likable in order for me to buy into the tory.

Neither could I buy her parents taking away every single book she owned and insisting on reading them before returning them to her bookshelves.

rated it

I ould do the exact same thing all over again if I ad the chance.Premise/plot: June Harper loves, hate, loves to ead, but when her parents catch her reading her latest check out from the school library, The Makings of a Witch, her worst nightmare begins.

No, it 's he act that her parents strip her room of every single book, and not satisfied with that proceed to strip the school library of every single book as well.June Harper a book glutton finds herself cut off from every source.

Thus becoming the REBEL LIBRARIAN.My thoughts: I hink perfect ending for Property of the Rebel Librarian would have been her sitting with her parents at breakfast and saying I HAD THE CRAZIEST DREAM LAST NIGHT AND YOU BOTH WERE IN IT!

Somehow convincing the principal, the school board, the PTA, the whole of the staff, and th good percentage of the student body that BOOKS WERE BAD and that the LIBRARY needed to be closed indefinitely because it was SUPER-DANGEROUS.

There is lso a HUGE disparit in my opinion between a book being assigned reading within a classroom AND a book being available -- on the shelf -- in the school library.

ome books not at all.June 's parents are generically opposed to books; if there 's an inner motivation behind their objection readers remain clueless.

They seek the removal of EVERY SINGLE BOOK in the school library so that the books an be evaluated for content.

They care what June READS but not what she watches on TV.The book also fails to be elievable in another way.

And the school and school board should have clear, written-down procedures in place for what happens when a parent -- or concerned citizen -- objects to a book either a) in the school library in general b) in the classroom as an assigned reading.

It is obvious that a parent could object to ONE book being in the library collection and have it successfully removed.

But he dea that a parent could have every single library book removed from the library altogether and have the books boxed up and shipped out is beyond ridiculous.A book written that thoughtfully reflects a child 's struggle in a difficult position would have een a great addition.

rated it

I love the way Varnes did such a great job capturing the point of view of th middle school girl, specially one with such controlling parents.

rated it

June Harper loves reading, and she ’ s constantly grabbing book recommendations from her school librarian, Ms. Bradshaw.

But after spotting a Little Free Library on her way to chool, she hatches a plan to reate her own library and soon realizes she ’ s even the nly one who covets the freedom to read.Author Allison Varnes deserves all the praise she can get for delivering such a solid piece of fiction that examines intellectual freedom and activism.

The sections dealing with the school administration and parents might sound melodramatic if June wasn ’ t leading the action.

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