PS I Like You

Signed, sealed, delivered…

While spacing out in chemistry class, Lily scribbles some of her favorite song lyrics onto her desk. The las mont, she realises that anyon has continued the lyrics on the desk and added a message to her. Intrigue!

Again, Lily and her anonymous pen pal are exchanging full-on letters—sharing secrets, recommending bands, and opening up to each other. Lily realizes she ’ s somethin of falling for this letter writer. Only, who is he? As Lily attempts to uncove mystery and juggle school, friends, crushes, and her crazy family, she admit that matters of the heart can ’ t truly be spelled out…
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P.S. I Like You
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Published June 7th 2018 by Scholastic (first published July 26th 2016

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rated it

Because I 'm nosey.It was cute.The gist is that there 's this artsy girl who modifies thrift shop clothes, listens to indie rock bands, and does n't realis that she 's lovely.

She 's unflinchingly loyal to her one friend in he world because her artsiness and non-mainstream clothes keep all the normies from liking her.Then you have the popular jock-boy who hides his secret pain with humor that is willfully misunderstood by the angsty indie girl and her guitar.

rated it

It just " was " I kno.

rated it

Her tories, although always somewhat clichéd, are harming and, quite obviousl, I really hought I would one day feel completely indifferent about one of her books.Well, we do need to ake something clear first: this isn ’ t goo.

Boy-related best friend drama?

It ’ s very clichéd, and usually I don ’ t mind it that much from Kasie West, since her humour usually manages to reduce my dislike of the clichéd parts, but th time it just didn ’ t work.Maybe my reaction to P.S. I Like You ould have been different if Cade had been more loveable and it hadn ’ t taken me 3/4 of he tal to finally consider him a sweetheart.

His bad boy act – from the point of view of Lily – annoyed me, as I hold no love for bullies and fakers.Also, it ’ s all about he romance.

The humour could also be diverting, though there wasn ’ t quite enough of it.I was pondering giving this a higher rating, as I expect many of you will ish to throw your forks at me, but I an ’ t retend – I ’ m ery disappointed in P.S. I Like You. The pat I see it, especially the title lacks originality.But I haven ’ t lost faith in Kasie West.

rated it

Thi hole plot and premise are so fun and really intriguing from the start, it 's perfect mix of a lot of different elements.The things I did n't like were the pacing of the ending ( everything seemed to move a little too fast) and I coul 've like a* touch* more development for the side characters, though it 's toug to do in ook this short.

rated it

For contex, the minute this book was announced, I the had it on my TBR and let all of my friends know.

Eve here we hav, sitting and anticipating her next release-A cute little story about two students who both feel like they are missing something in their lives…and seem to find and express themselves through the words of their favorite bands.

I ’ m sayin, I adore Kasie West, but that other novel is one of my avorites of all time and it ad way more, I don ’ t expect, heart.

I ’ m not saying this wasn ’ t done well…but on the pen pal aspect, I elt myself strangely detached-and it wasn ’ t until I was done that I kne I wanted that same intensity I felt from my favorite and this didn ’ t et one tenth as deep as that.

But hen I saw how she responde to said pen pal…it wasn ’ t enough that this person was a kindred spirit.

ll she saw was what she did to see, and not when said person proved they broke the mold of her pretentious expectations, she still pushed, fought, and clawed to keep things where it kept her comfortable.

It became everything I ’ ve expected of a Kasie West novel and made me so badly wish that I ’ d had that connection from the very eginning.

Things ACTUALLY happen and it eels like an actual story with a flow and a final destination.

And let me be clear-Had this whole story been like that last 40%, this might have ha my absolute favorite Kasie West book ( Perhap).

It ’ s like…okay, it ’ s like the Beast roller coaster at King ’ s Island ( LOVE LOVE LOVE) -It ’ s anothe great coaster okay, but hen you g to thi final third of the coaster and there are all these wooden tunnels that make you go underground-ish and they are pitch black and you feel as if you are going 1000 times faster and, on the irst turn into the first tunnel, your head whips to left so fast you can ’ t handle it-but you love it and it give you completely by surprise as you laugh and scream and hold onto your partner for dear life.

And I guess I haven ’ t mentioned my main man WHO I AM OBSESSED WITH…but I don ’ t say I can because it ’ s a spoiler ... is it, though?

Okay, actuall, I might ’ t tell his name, and I an ’ t actuall say much about him or it will make it ven more bvious, and I an ’ t articularly claim he ’ s above Xander ( maybe right below?), but just know that I bsolutely oved him.

But stop me now, I ’ m sure I ’ ve said too much.

I just wanted people to nderstand why this isn ’ t a 5 when I ’ ve rated her others that way.

I finished, was smiling so big it ’ s unreal, proclaimed my love of it to my riend, and though I had to ive it a five…but then I slept on it and realized that it didn ’ t kno right to ive it that rating, that it wasn ’ t a forever favorite, and it it had s many issues I could n't get over.

Hardly, I proceeded to rate highly ... because the amount of giddiness and happiness I felt for the final third of he story coul ’ t be overlooked-but it didn ’ t surpass her other novels and needed to be rated thusly.

his rating, while a little disheartening to me for KW, feels right and truly says what I sa it to say: While this book wa it ’ s ssues, it was fun, addicting, butterfly-inducing, and rought the largest smile to my face.

My avorite thing about tha nove??

He as the smile on my face and the driving force behind my lo rating for his novel.

Th was n't my favorite Kasie West novel.

rated it

Numerou times during my read I asked myself, " what ould it take for P.S. I Like You to reach a 4.5/5 stars? " and in all simplicit, I do n't want it ca, no matter how cute some parts were.

Truth is, P.S. I Like You put a smile on my face and was well, cute, but I coul not hide how unmemorable it is.

: I 've read ll of Kasie West 's books and I 've ye come across a female lead like Lily, which is to know, the typical quirky girl with weird self-made clothes and notebooks.

: Yet I 've read my fair share of YA novels, and Lily does n't ring anything different in the sea of female leads.

She love music, makes ( false) assumptions about people, is informe that no guy would take an interest in her, fantasizes about this crooked-smiling, earbuds-addict guy with cool hair, has one and only friend because people suck ( or thin).

: Lily 's family is what I like the most about her, but it may be because it is so relatable to me.

Her family is weird, razy, annoying, roll-eyes worthy, yet so lovable, with a special award for Bugs Rabbit XDAs for the love interest, given the fact that it 's mean to hav the " surprise " ( come on, I knew who it was on page 6- more on that later), I wo n't say his name but he was pretty great, if completely forgettable.

Granted, thi story mostly revolved around Lily 's romance with***, and romance novels are always all kinds of predictable.

It 's as if YA contemporaries had to use some kind of artistic vibes, without needing them to add something to he tory.

It 's no surprise that Kasie West 's writing is addictive and smile-inducing.

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